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So I have a situation

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Hi all


I have an issue which means my in laws will be staying for two night first week of April. There is a plant in my garden, not overly big but really coming into flower. I won't be around either.


I need to hide it. It's in a pot so my options are put it in a big box in the garage or in the green waste bin down the side of the house.


Do you think I will do any harm being in flower and darkness for 48 hours? I am leaning towards the box as it will have airflow. I have a big box saved in antisipation of this day coming,


What are your thoughts?

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Let them know about it in advance.  Say that as an adult you've chosen to consume cannabis over other drugs and that since you don't want to support drug dealers you've taken the initiative of growing a single plant in your backyard.  If they act all staunch remind them that as guests in your house they are free to judge you in silence but that you and your partner will not tolerate them talking shit, reporting you to the police or otherwise trying to control your life over the matter.


Doing that can cause issues as it's like ripping a bandaid off full force but if you come at it calmly, rationally and with a solid backbone you'll go from hiding in the shadows and feeling like a fraud around your family to having the sun shine on your black wool around them.  They don't have to like it and they probably won't but they'd weigh up the risks vs rewards of taking any action against you and their kid and I'd wager that if you haven't given them other motivating factors like spousal abuse that in the end they'll care a whole lot less than you'd think.

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Haha. Nice ideas. My backyard is small. My wife doesn't know it's there, my in laws are old school Brits. Prefer to take the stealth approach. I don't mind "hiding in the shadows" or however it was put.


I appreciate your in put though.

Back to the question, do you think it will have adverse effects?

Back to the question, do you think it will have adverse effects?

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