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Bug problem?

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I'm seeing the same thing on a few of my plants here (north west Vic) BricksADL.  I have observed caterpillars on the plants - green ones with no hair.


post-51352-0-19342900-1456602438_thumb.jpg  post-51352-0-96458500-1456602423_thumb.jpg  post-51352-0-66179900-1456602431_thumb.jpg


They seem to fall off easily when I give the plants a good shake.  So that is my treatment process to present - going round the garden daily and giving all the branches a vigorous shake and squishing any that fall out.


It has been recommended to me on another thread here to apply Dipel which is supposed to be low toxicicity.  https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/topic/75950-outdoor-scrog-help/page-3?do=findComment&comment=477645

But I am lazy so I haven't - at this stage picking off the necrotic bud and leaf, fingers crossed and hoping I don't get rot problems later.

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Yep caterpillars. Not loopers but reasonably big mothers. They eat then shit and piss on the plant and mould sets in, buds just disintegrate when touched. Early morning inspection will see them starting to move around. I had one fully stretched out on a leaf and was very hard to see. Or in the evening with a good led torch will find them as well. 

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Yes, I remember he did find some sort of tiny caterpillar.. It only ended up getting a few buds.  We cut off effected buds well down the stalk cause those fkers or their eggs are probably still in it.. We sprayed the plant with detergent and water.. This seemed to help and no more buds got eaten..   If you can find or buy a praying Mantis or two it will seek out and eat all caterpillar.

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