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what size grow tent should i get ?


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Hi all, Im new to indoor growing and would like to start cause im running low from my last outdoors grow and no longer have the opportunity to grow outside, I do however own my own home so I don't need to worry about nosy landlords or neighbours as I don't have any close, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend what size grow tent I should get and what lighting I will need?  id like to grow hopefully about 2lb a year and I will be growing an indica strain, I will most likely be growing in a coco mix and hand watering, any advice would be much appreciated cheers

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Yeah it depends what lighting you will use.


In a tent you will get better use of the light but you have to control temps more.  I have 1.2 x 1.2  x 2 m tent. Perfect for 600-1000w


Generally you can grow 1 gram per what of light but that is optimal. If you get anywhere near that your doing ok.


If you want two pounds in one grow  i would get a bigger tent and 2 x 600w

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I was thinking it might be easier for me to start in a tent and then when ive got the hang of things maybe I could upgrade to a whole room, also I don't have heaps of cash I could probly get $1500 -$2000 together to spend on it, and I would prefer to do 1 grow a year in winter

My total setup setup cost me around $500


Your budget is plenty.  Just my opinion but you probably want a 2m x 2m tent and at least 2 x 600w lights,  A big ass carbon filter and some quality inline fans.. You should be able to get everything you need to grow for less than $1500

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