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Drying in a camping tent

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can you shade the tent/keep it out of the direct sun... if so I'd say go for it

hang a line up so you can hang the buds or use a cloths drying line

also depends on the humidity levels in your area

and rain, if you gets lots, it may be an issue


also, remember the smell, blah blah blah

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Yep. Thats what i was afraid of. The sun hitting it would make it hot and crIsp the buds. I was thinking a shade sail over the top to stop the sun directly blaring on it would do the trick. And yeah that was the plan to hang dry. Cheers bro.

all about temp guys , humidity will set up drying time , hi hu longer dry lo hu shorter dry assuming a constant temp is poss

But do agree with MT you don't want constant hi hu , could cause a prob 

you don't want it to dry to fast but not slow either between 40% & 50% is pretty good 

i dry in my grow space so the exhaust is turn on for air movement but that should be

the extent of any air movement , no circ fans & def no fan heaters , oil heater if need

be will work   

But at temps over 27.5c you start loosing terps , that magic smell you've smelt everyday for mths , gone !

so it's poss to turn the best quality into trash very quickly with temps over 27.773......... to be exact ! lol

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Temps should be well and truly fine by the time your crop's ready to harvest. 


So long as you've got air circulation in the tent it should be fine, but still worth finding a shady spot or putting a tarp over the top.  What I would look to do if possible, is fit an exhaust fan and intake duct to the tent rather than an oscillating fan in the tent.  And I would also be looking to hook a carbon filter into the ventilation system to deal with the stank.  I do the same as Itchy whenever possible, works a treat.


Other method I use is big cardboard boxes with a few rows of wire near the top and a heap of holes punched into it.  Can either find a nice coolish spot if smell isn't an issue, or I usually bung them in the grow tent.  If humidity is high I will also plug the intake duct for the tent into the box to get better airflow.  I only use the box if both my tents have lights running at the time though.  I did use this method under my house once, it was lovely and cool under there, and I got a nice 2 week drying time despite low humidity, but there was a constant aroma around the house so I don't do that anymore.


If you can't ventilate your tent, I would recommend just hanging a tarp for shade and rain protection and drying under that with open airflow.  Will stop that temp and humidity build up you get in a closed tent, and being constantly open may help dissipate the smell better.  You've got a couple of months to come up with a plan and buy any equipment to carry it out, so you'll be right.

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Excellent advice guys. Thanks heaps. Im using this tent



with lines inside and was planning on installing a shade sail like this over the top, plus its an addition to the yard so win win. http://www.bunnings.com.au/marquee-3-x-3m-beige-triangle-shade-sail_p3304493


I also have a tarp ready to go over the top of the tent if it pours down or we get an unusually hot day in the later months. Hopefully all goes well.

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