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Firecrackers at school. Never do this.

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Today I brought some firecrackers to school, hidden at the bottom of my bag out of sight. I was gonna eat them during a field trip, but I'm so sketched out at this point and I'll probably save them for later this night. Please for the love of God never bring weed to a Catholic school I have never been more fucking nervous about having weed on me than at school, even though it barely smells. Just thought I'd let you guys know because I'm super anxious right now and i wouldt want you to make the same mistake as me.
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Getting stoned is a recreational pursuit, being at work or any form of education is not, so here's a hint, keep them separate from each other if you want any sort of future.  I'm a medicinal user and I have no problems keeping them separate despite having good reasons not to, so you should have no problems.


And coming on here carrying on like a teenage douchebag ain't gonna get you the giggles and admiration you'd expect from your mates, this is an adult world, and at your supposed age you should be thinking about joining it rather than trying to be a super cool teen, if that doesn't make sense to you then have a chat with a responsible adult.

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Yeah right. I was taking weed to my catholic school before you were born, Its nothing new and its not cool.  I can tell you from experience that school is not the place for weed


You are 18, I bet you cant even handle your weed yet.. imagine how paranoid you would have been if you actually got wasted at school lol   Teenagers + weed = Spaced out, paranoid, cant function, red eyes. BUSTED!

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Please take note as to what others here have said, even if, as you state you are 18, the legal ramifications of taking it to school can be huge. As an 18yr old you are considered an adult BUT by taking an illegal substance to school where the majority of students are minors you can find yourself up to your eyeballs in crap. I know that in the state I reside even being within 500m of a school in possession of canna or implements ie pipe, bong etc amplifies the legal penalties 10fold. An exert from the Drug and Alcohol Council States: Penalties within 500m for less than 10kg (so that means from 1g to 9.9kg)the penalty is $100,000 and/or 15yrs imprisonment, over 10kg is $500,000 and/or 25yrs (you'd get less for murder.) So be aware.


You state "...I really couldn't give less of a fuck ..." but get caught and your cell mate 'Bubba' might just show you how much of a fuck you should take (from behind). Another legal concern for you to consider is that your principal and other staff members are covered by legislation where they MUST report ANY breach of law where a minor (other students) can be seen as being put at risk (it is called Mandatory Reporting). If the 'law' gets involved 'Bubba' might not be your biggest concern as the coppers WILL visit and search your place of residence. I doubt your parents would be too impressed having their home stripped from top to bottom because of your actions. I am not saying this to be a prick, I'm saying it because this is law, not just my opinion and YOU NEED TO BE AWARE!!!! Be careful, I mean very FUCKIN CAREFUL!!!!


The law does not take "being a dick" into consideration.



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