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Mixing females together at different stages of flowering

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Hi, this is my first post in this forum and i have a doozy of a question..

I have 2 plants; one is in a far more advanced stage of flowering and the other has onlynjust started a couple of weeks ago. Its complicated story.... But if i were to put the 2 together in my skylight at home (not by choice), is there any chance of either of them will start growing balls or seeds??does at any stage of flowering process effectively rule out males or hermaphrodites? I obviously dont want males.... I havent as yet put them together.. Yet, but i will have to. Does the less advanced stage flowering plant need a minimum time unexposed from others.

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If both plants are female there is no problem. A female cant pollinate another female unless its hermie.


Female plants do not turn male at any stage. You can only have male, female or hermie . If its true hermie you will know early in flowering when you see both female and male flowers on the same plant. Stress could also cause a female to produce a few male flowers but in general the answer is no. Females do not need to be separated.

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