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Organic Tea

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Looking for Organic tea help.

I have made an awesome lucerne (alfalfa) tea and now im almost ready to make my Super Tea.

My plan is to use the lucerne tea as the base for my solution as i have access to unlimited pidgeon, chicken and Horse Manure, worm castings and am trying to obtain bat and seabird guano.

I also make my own potash from burning hardwood.

I plan to add molasses to the mix.

My tea container holds 150 litres

My question is 4 fold: 

1) For this project is there such thing as overkill. Should i just add all these together and steep it in the tea or should i add equal parts?

2) should i add the Guano and the potash only whilst using it for flower (which is my plan)?

3) can i use this as a substitute to my store bought A and B nutes and if so is there any thing else i should be adding to my tea?

4) would i need to use any other nutes with this? (My hope is no this will grow my babies)

I grow indoors in coco RTW

My Grow room is 2m x 3m x 2.4m. Air conditioned (with a growlush exhaust fan and Carbon Filter )- 2 × 600watt hps/ mh.


Looking forward to some answers for my problems


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First tea's are grate but with things like lucerne aka alfalfa you can run in to fermenting which creates alcohol & not good for plants 


I like to look at what your doing as 2 separate things 

compost tea with casting/compost & food for the microlife , molasses , is trying to build , bolster or add as much life as poss in the soil ,

this is not feeding plants directly & can be a negative if the starting compost/castings are not well made  


the other items you have access to i would generally avoid , poo can be good & bad depending on where it came from , organic farm or commercial operation

plus there is so much more you can do with plant based tea's in targeting what you want at any time , the big question is do you know what they want when they

want it cos i don't


top dressing is allot more forgiving than liquid feeding & yes all that poo could burn the shit of the plant but as a top dress would need to be broken down / composted

B4 being available to the plant  


Lucerne / Alfalfa has triacontanol & in it's highest concentrations in lucerne seeds , if your looking for a N hit this is a pretty clean way to get it , buy some organic alfalfa/lucerne seeds

you'll need about 14 grams of seed & sprout them , once the tap root is as long as the seed blend them with some water & add to 20lts of rain water , feed your plants triacontanol along with 

growth promotants & enzymes , all that you could imagine that would be in a seed to get it up & going , sort of like stem cells if you like , alfalfa/triacontanol is very hot so half ounce to 20lts

should be cool , i use a few other seeds , would use 2 ounces to 20lts corn seed , barley seed but only 1/4 of that for alfalfa , 14 grams   

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Let me paraphrase it for you in simple terms...


1. Get some alfalfa seed, 


2. About half an oz,


3. Sprout it.


4. Once sprouted, blend.


5. Dilute with 20 litres of water.


6. Give to plants.


Additional info... you can also use other seeds eg Corn or Barley can be used at 4 times the rate outlined for alfalfa.

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