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Making seeds

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Hi all,

Just realised one of my two little plants is male.

It's going in the bin asap.

What I wanted to know is.....can you pollinate an area on a plant?, or does it turn it all male?

If so I'd like have some seeds for next grow, but not at the risk of losing the last plant ( hopefully female) left.

If I could pollinate some buds that might help.



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Sure, you will probably sacrifice something there.  The plant will put some of its energy into making these seeds but as I said I have done this and didn't see a lot of difference. I even found a few stray seeds in the rest of the plants. Not enough to worry about but I was very careful and still a few pollens got airborne.  Probably not something to do if you are growing the plant for yield and maximum potency but if you are only doing a bud or small branch it wont effect it a huge amount and you will have seeds

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I've also read the theory that pollinating one bud will mess with the yield of the rest of the plant, but I've pollinated single buds several times and in my experience I haven't seen any obvious signs of the plants' buds being any smaller or airier, so I don't worry about it.  Wouldn't try to claim that there's no loss, but certainly isn't enough to give a shit about, plus giving up a few grams in exchange for a good stash of seeds is a no brainer for me.


Small paint brush, or cotton bud, very carefully apply to selected bud, make sure there's no fans etc blowing, put a paper bag over the pollinated bud for 24 hrs, remove and spray some water over the plant to kill any loose pollen grains, wait for 5-6 weeks.  You'll get a couple of strays, but nothing to worry about if you are careful

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