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Ditching the tobacco

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Fair nobleman of this community - I sincerely need advice..



I'm looking for ideas on what I can replace tobacco with in regards to spinning out my chop



I started smoking cannabis again about 5 months ago, 3 of which I was smoking bush in nice big joints and had no problem. Then I switched over to hydro and started to mix the two, then onto just the hydro/spinning with tobacco, then onto the bongs and hey presto, now one too many and a thousands never enough.. oh and I lost the fitness and no longer train martial arts.

so I've been really trying to switch to a vaporisor, but honestly - it doesn't replace smoking for me, so I've concluded it's the tobacco that I need to rid from my life, because honestly I know how this story ends for me, and living whilst constantly craving nicotine whilst being a non-smoker isn't where i want to go again lol


ta for the advice


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I made the switch from spinning with tobacco to smoking straight green a few years ago. It took a while to get over the nicotine cravings and the smoke seemed harsher for a few months but now I will never go back.


I don't think replacing the tobacco with something else will help, just make the decision and stick with it.


If you spin to make it last longer just smoke less often or grow more.


I have used Damiana as spin and also Mugwort. They were interesting but not a replacement for tobacco/nicotine imo

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Hi Mason you could try places like http://thehappyherbshop.3dcartstores.com/Smoking_c_11.html or one similar in your area. I have used these mixed herbs with Joints which has helped with burning.


Just a warning that some smoking herbs may still contain small trace amounts of nicotine, as nicotine is found in other plants besides tobacco.

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As an ex smoker I can tell you what worked for me, plain old cold turkey.  Tried the cutting back etc, just draws out the inevitable to the point that failure becomes inevitable.  But, what works for one doesn't necessarilly work for everyone.


I cut the spin out of my weed years ago while I was still smoking, just got honest with myself that there was no benefit to it and it fucks up the taste.  I kept smoking bongs when I did it, but what I did was start using a small cone, this gave me the same amount of canna per cone and helped make it easier to get used to the straight smoke.  Got the full weed flavour, and the undiluted tangy bite in the back of the throat as a result, and found that by following the bong pull with a nice long slow suck of clean air and holding it in for a bit it was easy to cope with and gave more bang for my buck.  From a taste and smoothness point of view, after a couple of weeks there was never any going back for me.


As you are obviously aware though, it's nicotine addiction that's really causing the problem, and that's going to take a week or 2 to get past.  Reality is that however you kick nicotine, at some point you have to go through that final step, and it sux big sweaty donkey balls, so good luck with that.


As for vaping, yeah the come on is more subtle, and the buzz is a little different, and it can take a bit of a learning curve to get used to it.  But there are upsides, flavours being one of the biggest.  You need a decent quality vape as well.  Probably only works out if you look at it as a long term commitment, and a course you have to take and stick with for your own health and wellbeing.  Another big benefit is residual smell and cleaning of your equipment, a simple soak in some iso alcohol and a rinse out with hot water has stuff sparkling like new, and none of it ends up clogged up with sticky stinky tar, and no bong water smells in the cupboard.  I really don't miss cleaning stems out, and even when I haven't cleaned the pipe out for a couple of weeks it just looks a bit honey coloured and smells pleasantly sweet.

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Even though I've never been a cigarette smoker I always felt as if I couldn't do my joint without tobacco... I started using it to smooth out the cannabis, also to help my supply last longer and then for the head spin. It started with a 80/20 split then found myself on a 50/50 split which I thought was just out of control and found myself having nicotine cravings.


About 8 months ago I did the same as Hashy and just went cold turkey on the tobacco but also had a break from cannabis... and yeah, it sucked!!! lol But like Hashy said this doesnt work for everyone.


Good luck with it mate!!!


:peace: :bongon:



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