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Environmental factors influencing sex.

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Hey all, been surfing the net again, this time, came across an interesting article in relation to environmental factors that influence sex in early stage cannabis plants.

I'm assuming this will be more beneficial to growers that use regular seeds, as opposed to most of us that pop feminised beans, although it may help guarantee your feminised remain just that?....

Ok, this is also focused on young plants/ seedlings, more precisely, once the third pair of true leaves have formed.

Starting with nutrients, at this stage of the plants life, more nitrogen will most likely produce fem, lower nitrogen will produce male.

An increase of potassium will promote more male hormones, a decrease will promote fem.

High nitrogen, low potassium= higher chance of fem, the reverse for male.

Temperature and humidity is also a factor, low temps for fem, warmer temps for male, whereas higher humidity promotes fem, and lower humidity promotes male.

Growing Medium also factors, low moisture levels at this stage promote male.

Light spectrum, more blue promotes female, whereas red promotes male, and finally, daylight hours.

Fewer daylight hours, for example, 14hours, promote female, longer daylight hours, 18+, promote male.

Now, before the question is asked, in relation to temps and humidity, I can only assume that the author was basing them on current optimum grow room levels, but like I said, is just an assumption. They kind of missed that bit in the article, was most likely stoned? Who am I kidding, Jorge Cervantes is always stoned..... lol

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Sounds interesting, but I'm doubtful about how effective those things will be, maybe if you perfect every single one?????


I've just been going through exceedingly high grow room temps, and mostly very low humidity, but using balanced nutrition with  near ideal moisture levels leaning slightly to dry.  On that basis I should be cruising for a disproportionate percentage of males.  Problem is that my regular Autos came up 4 out of 4 female, so my anecdotal experience isn't exactly in line with this theory.  But I am aware that 4 plants does not make for viable statistical analysis. (I suppose there's also a chance they substituted my reg beans with fems, but unlikely)


Last year during hot/dry time I got slightly over 50% females as well.  Had a massively skewed towards male run the year before, but that was later in the year when it was quite cool.  So I reckon for this theory to have any chance of real influence you would need to dial every one of those things in perfectly.  Still, interesting stuff, and worth further investigation.  But realistically, if someone is hell bent on avoiding males they should only ever use fem beans.

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I'm certainly not prepared to run those sorts of numbers, as much fun as it would be.  Sorta fits into the category of it's only funny until someone ends up in jail.


Plus I'm actually happy enough playing the natural odds with male vs female, sure it means starting with extra numbers, but it's only for 3-4 weeks, and it only occassionally backfires with 100% of one sex at a reasonable number of starting plants.

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Guys, it's Jorge... He may be writing based on personal experience, or compiling notes from the growers of the various grow rooms he visits, all I know, he has alot of access to herb, has had for a number of years. He also stated in the article that tap water has enough ec to propagate plants from seed without additional nutes for the first two weeks, though I am with Naycha in the opinion that plants need nutes through all stages, from propagation to harvest, in soil less mediums.

I don't recall seeing any stats in the post, so we will call it anecdotal for now, however, still accumulating equipment for a grow, so will give this info a go for myself. Although I'm only in possession of fem seeds, I have a friend with some bag seed, I'm sure they can spare a few beans, may even do a swapsies?, or I may order a few reg seeds for kicks. I'm curious about Girl Scout Cookies, or something with mango in the name?.... I gave the mango and marijuana a go last week, ate a mango before I fired up, woke up four hours later....

Anyways, was lucky enough to score some hash last week, and I think I can here it calling my name, burner, Burner, BURNER!!!.... Yep, gotta run, be back in about ten minutes...

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