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Gnat Infestation

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Hello stoners,


After growing in coco for a few years, I've finally been invaded by fungus gnats, quite a sizeable out break by the looks of things.

There are an abundance of threads already dedicated to this issue, with a lot of good advice, but I still have a few questions.


Just to give you an idea of what I'm dealing with, I grow in 50L pots, with straight coco, with the exception of 2 plants I have in a Hortico/Searles mix as an experiment.


Now, I only feed once a week, so my medium being over watered shouldn't be the problem.


To combat this problem I'm going to let my medium dry out completely, then drench with neem oil, wait the required 5 days and repeat the process, as well as spraying the top of the medium and plant also with neem. I'm taking this course of action because neem oil is readily available to me, but I'm going to order Gnatrol in the mean time in case it is needed.


My questions are:


Is this an affective irradicator? I have found some conflicting reports.


Do I add the required amount of neem per litre to the entire volume of my nutrients? Or could I feed my plants and afterwards neem them with a smaller volume of solution since you only need to irradicate the top two inches of your medium? The reason I ask is obviously this would be a lot more economical.


Also, what is the recommended dose of neem per litre? I've read varied answers throughout the topic.


Thanks in advance.

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i have had a war with them for around 9 months now i think on and off mate. first round i used alsystine 250 larvacide you can get it from the hydro shop, it is a little expensive but i was a new grower then didnt know any different, it worked though and for 50 bucks cant complain to much.

my 2nd grow missed out on them completely no gnats, but this 3rd grow they are back haha little fuckers. the difference i think is my 2nd grow i had around 50/50 cocoand perlite mix, i had to water every 3rd day. this grow im back to straight coco because the rooots seemed bigger and better in straight coco. but i have the gnats back again so from now on i think its perlite/coco for me as i saw no difference in quality of bud, i did get a better yield on my 2nd grow with the 50/50 mix almost got the 600 grams from the 600 watter just 50 grams short.


it will definately help you with the 50 litre pots mine are only those 400mm round pots from bunnings haha maybe 25 litres im guessing

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