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SE Queensland Backyard Grow

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Hi all I'm new to the forum.


I live in SE Queensland and am having a go at growing a couple in my backyard.


I have a few questions and would really appreciate some advice.


Firstly I would like to ask if anyone can recommend certain strains that work really well in this climate?(outside).


I have bought some feminized seeds from holland and have a couple in the ground that are coming along nicely.I then bought some auto's as I thought they would be better to grow through winter here. I have started 3 and they are tiny. The biggest is prob 4 inches and the other two would be lucky to be three.(after 3 weeks) and now they look as though they are starting to get hairs on them.


I soaked the seeds in water then in paper towel to get a tap root.Now someone has told me that plants are stronger if you put them straight into soil as a seed?Is this true??


I'm using seasol red powerfeed for vege then I have liquid potash and molasses for when they start flowering.I'm not 100% sure are the potash and molasses all I need for flowering or are they a booster to fatten up buds?Should I use them together or just one or the other?


Is it worth me going to a hydro shop and buying specialized nutrients?And when do I stop the seasol and and start with flowering fertiliser?I have also read that fertiliser for growing roses is perfect??


I understand that daylight hours are not great for us living in queensland, I'm not really in a position to supplement extra light as I know that is one thing to do to help.


I was hoping people could recommend a strain that goes really well and maybe some tips to get them to a decent size before they start to flower-or is supplementing light the best way??


Are auto's the way to go or are they just to small?


any advice would be greatly appreciated- thanks 

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Ok thanks I will try a Sativa once i've got through the seeds I have.


I,m growing in organic compost mixed with peat moss and perlite, although from what i've read I will use more Perlite next time.


Could I have some advice please.The two girls I have in my backyard are now starting to show some hairs-Is this time to cut the nitrogen back and start with a blooming fert?



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SE QLD is great for daylight. Sept-Feb they will get huge if you have them in a sunny spot..  If you are lucky to have a safe spot that is lol


I don't really believe that a seedling is stronger started in the ground.  I think starting them indoors in rockwool or similar gives them the best start.. They need nothing but light and moisture for the first couple of weeks so starting them indoors would be the best way and gives you total control over the environment.


Forget about Hydro specific nutes, they are not designed for soil.  Seasol PowerFeed or something like that is really all you need for veg.  For flowering just swap to a bloom solution.  I don't think you need multiple additives if you have nice soil.  For Veg they need lots of nitrogen and flower they want less nitrogen and more potassium so just keep it simple and they will love you.


My friend gets some nice plants outdoors in pots just with all purpose ozmacoat lol


Are they in pots or on the ground?   If you want shorter bushy plants that finish faster get indica dominant strains.   If you are worried about security at all stick to Indica dominant plants. This also depends on when you plant and how much you want to yield.. Most Strains will still thrive outdoors but it all comes down to preference .. Auto flower would be good for keeping it low profile I am just not sure how much they would produce for you given the daylight hours. I think those things just want as much light as possible but I could be wrong.


Anyhow, good luck :)

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I'm not worried about stealth, I would rather have 2 big plants than a few little ones.So I will def be growing a couple of sativas next summer.


The only reason I bought these auto's is because i'm learning and thought they would be good through winter as we only get about 11 hrs of light.


Could I ask again about the rose fertiliser for flowering- I read in the cannervirsty that it is the best thing you could use as their make-up is identical?




I would also like  if someone could tell me how often to fertilize during the flowering cycle?every second watering?

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I have seen people use Rose fertilizer it could well work. If the (N) nitrogen is lower and the (p) potassium is higher than in veg.


All fertz are not created equal so best advise would be to follow the directions as to how often.  I think many recommend the recommended dose once a week or 1-2 times every 2 weeks..

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