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What do you think?

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Hey guys,

First time grower, got it as a gift just want people to give theyre opinion on my progress.

My plant started its life as an indoor hydro alongside a larger plant that needed a different light cycle or something??? Now ive got it, its outdoor in the day/indoor at night away from bugs as i lost 3 to bugs 1-2 months ago.

Anyway. It got really tall (around 10cm or more) so i re potted it half way down the stem in a bigger pot, i work long days so i didnt want it to snap in the wind lol.

The 2 or maybe 4 lower leave cracked the sads so i pulled them off a couple of days ago.

Now its looking like this.

What do you think??

Any advice helps!


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Depends what medium it is in and how you intend to proceed. If it's in a hydroponic medium prob best to give it hydro nutrients. You could however repot into a potting mix no worries. Nitrosol is fine for non-hydro. If you did repot into something like Searles Premium potting mix you prob wouldn't need to feed it straight away as it has nutrients in it but some seasol in that case would be nice.

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I re potted it around a week ago into some cheapo potting mix and kept most of the potting mix it was already in..

Its going to stay as an outdoor from now on. All natural light cycles, only bringing it in at night away from bugs.

Just gave her the recommended dose of amgrow nitrosol (2 lots of 2ml in 500ml of water)

Soaked the soil fairly well after a day in the sun.http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/12/01/09a53d15d240c4783b8416771c95b8c4.jpghttp://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/12/01/025fa775e40d8459148cd1e59c9b94a8.jpg

Will keep up with the updates [emoji106] [emoji12]

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