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Changed from 24/0 to 18/6 and flowering starting, need to stop, but ho

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Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Growing Medium:coco
Growing Style:hydro hand water
Watering/Feeding Frequency:4-5days
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC):
PH Levels:5.8
Temperature/Humidity Levels:
Air Flow/Fans etc.:
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): hps
Total Wattage: 1200
Growth Stage: veg
Plants Age:2-3months
Cannabis Strain:


Have some plants that have been veging in a grow box with CFC light with 24/0 cycle ( 24hr light ).

Repotted into 52l pots and put under 600watt hps on 18/6 cycle 6 days ago.

Today I notice the preliminaries of flowering.

They need much more veg yet.


What do I need to do to reverse this back to veg as quickly as possible and in the future go from 24light to 18/6 without this happening again?



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They are just letting you know that they have matured and now showing you their sex so hopefully female no ball sacks. Just continue vegging or put them into flower as they are ready to do so. But just check your timers to make sure it is set to 18/6. Sometimes you screw up by adjusting the timer without realising. After I muck around with the timers I always watch the lights come on and go off just the first day to make sure they are set correctly.
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Thanks for the replies, your both onto it.

This morning they were no 'worse', and the new tips don't really have any pistils.

Feel like I dodged a bullet there....


I left the light on an extra 4 hours yesterday and turned on the veg cupboard light which is attached to the wall thus giving 24hr light.


Was in a panic for a bit!

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