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Beginner, need help

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Hi Guys


First time ever posting in any forum.  I'm really new to this "weed stuff'...better late than never, right?  I have been given a very small amount of weed, don't ask me if it's bud or leaf, or what strain cos I'm so new to this I wouldn't know any of the above.


Question:  How many gram of butter do I use for 10 gram of weed, yes I know it's a piddly amount.  I am familiar with the cooking methods but I don't want to stuff this up, just need correct ratio to work with.


Thanks for any help you can offer.





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Watch edibles as they can take around an hour or more to feel any affect you so dont mung out expecting an immediate reaction.

My partner was a newby and scoffed way to many brownies and spent the next 5 hours feeling like a stoned nympho. It was hilarious for me but it didnt do her back problem any good at all.

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Thanks for the info guys

I want to make a slice recipe I've made before using 'plain' butter, replacing now with cannabutter. All the info on line was oz/grm combined,  I'm not a young chick so it doesn't take much to confuse me lol I get so much pain relief from using weed, smoking is fine but edibles is preferred if I can get the butter right, last time I made it the slice was really a nice "Grandma" slice, but not nearly enough 'herb' and a total waste of time and $$ ! I was thinking 7g weed to 250g butter so will take on board all the help, and let you know hahaha  I also have a few seeds, I had heaps but I'm doing something really wrong cos I know they are healthy seeds, tried every method you can suggest, now at the stage of just shoving them in a pot in the herb garden!  Thanks again.

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