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CO2 Emitters

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I used to use CO2  For many year's by way of a little perspex box with 2 chambers an in one chamber it had 2 electrodes one - an the other one + an that was conected to a 12volt battery chager to power it, you would put oxcilic acid in the larger chamber an some other stuff into the smaller chamber with the 2 electrodes in it a power it up an with in a few mins it was making CO2 .



This would do a 1200mm x 1200mm grow chamber at the right rate of Co2. 15 mins on an 1/2 hr off.


One thing you must make sure that you have the right rates of Co2 or else you are just pissing in the wind trying to use Co2.


An as Naycha said make sure you have or the fans an lights dialled in  or you will kill your plants as you would all ready know this deltarranger.


Sorry this most likely will not  help you fined what you are looking for on the Co2.


Oh an the guy that make them Co2 machines is in Perth W.A.. I think they still make them.





I have posted photos of the Co2 Machine in the old photo dump forum Have a look though that an you should find my photos.

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