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Why is this happening? Ideas?

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Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Growing Medium: Canna Coco
Growing Style: Scrog, hand watering
Watering/Feeding Frequency: 3-4 days
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): Was 4ml/p/Litre Canno Coco A&B + 4ml/p/Lite Seasol + 1.5ml/p/Litre PK
PH Levels: 6.2
Temperature/Humidity Levels: Humidity 35-50, Temps 20c -30c
Air Flow/Fans etc.: lots and good
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): 600watts
Total Wattage: 1800watts
Growth Stage: Flower
Plants Age: 3months



Been 1.5 weeks now since first signs of bad.

Started with burnt tips that curled up and were dead. As the temps were 30-32c at base of heads (scrog mesh) I thought it was too hot and light burn. Clipped off the dead leaves and lifted the light. Got more dead leaves, so then I turned off the light. There are two 600watt hps either side. The other two plants are fine.


Was progressing 'ok' (no more dead leaves and slower growth-understandable with no major light above) and about 3days ago it started getting more dead leaves in different areas of the plant. So I thought Nutrient Burn. Gave it a flush and checked next day and it started with some minor yellow leaves and more dead leaves. So I thought, deficiency and gave it a 4ml/p/L Canna A&B and 20ml of some healthy stuff I have Ive forgotten the name of. However, it still got worse.


Last night checked and the leaves looked like deficient in magnesium. So I gave it a dose of Epsom Salts at 10tablespoons to 20lites + 2ml Canna A&B + 4ml/P/Litre Seasol + the other healthy stuff 40ml.


This morning, not much change, but not looking better.








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You say "...Plants Age: 3months..." is that 3 month from seed, 3 month from potting or 3month of 12/12??

I too do SCROG and regularly go 12/12 for 13weeks. I've found when the plant is getting to the end of its flowering it draws all of its reserves from the leaves and thus they yellow up.

No matter how much nute mix I give her, she still yellows up.

Expecting some sort f change overnight is a bit hopeful, again, I've found that it can take up to 14days for those alterations to show visually in the plant.

Personally, I'd say she's coming to the end of her cycle and I'd be doing a final flush before taking the harvest. I flush for a week, that is I flush with straight pH adjusted water, biff the flush fluid and replace again with pH adjusted tap water and leave it to flush over night. The following day I replace the flushing fluid with fresh pH adjusted water and repeat this each day for the week. The last thing you want is a smoke that rips the crap outta ya throat with each toke. Flushing reduces this.


Hope it helps


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What size pot is that? Is it quite dry before you rewater? Do you flush often?


2 things come to mind. Whenever I have had a plant like that, the roots are always terrible upon inspection after harvest. In my case it was prob a combo of overfeeding and overwatering. I'd bet when you check your roots out after harvest they are not in good condition.


Since you are using a lot of seasol in addition to the nutes I would recommend flushing often to reduce the salt buildup (I reccomend it anyway really, but I find seasol pretty salty).


You will have a better idea of what's going on after you harvest and check things out. I agree with Merl1n that the best course of action is flush and harvest.


It seems like you have fallen into the trap of throwing additives at the plant when it just needs the basics to be looked after.


Good luck.

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simple nitrite salt buildup issue that you will discover after a fair vege cycle and long bloom cycle with canna coco nutrients. I personally fucking despise the whole canna line except their hydro line, their biocanna line is good for tasty nugs sure but you will need a pk booster if size is your goal anyway. i have found that if i use canna coco nutrients i need to feed them water even once every 10 (or so) days after even 3 weeks of vege, as the ec of the nutrient solution is increased from early bloom to late bloom you may need to incorporate a straight water feed more often. This was probably already suggested above, apologies if it was. I prefer a nutrient that has lower N in bloom, so usually not a single nutrient used throughout vege and bloom; a nutrient for vege and a nutrient for bloom. I like more control over the macronutrients i feed my plants. When senescence begins to occur if you feed it the same ammt of N you fed it at vege (like if youre using canna coco nutes) youre going to see burn, your plants cannot absorb the nitrogen like they can in vege at that point unless the photoperiod is altered for revegging for instance. What you are seeing is a N burn but there appears to be heat related issues also. Did you feed them a p/k booster? Addition of epsom salts was unnecessary and may prove to be an issue. They look like they are at the end of their lifespan more or less. How far along is she exactly?



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Thanks guys for the replies.


They are in 50litre pots.

Its week 7 of actual flower (visual signs of flower), so problems started at week 5.5, a bit to early to be end of flowering - This strain has been consistently going 8weeks in the past.

The plant next to it (not in pics) is the same clone and is powering along as per normal.

All watered from the same nutrient tank/solution.

I allow runoff when hand watering, rather then h2o flush, usually 20% runoff, but sometimes up to 30%.

I water when the top 1" of coco is dry - lately 3-4days

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I would start flushing her right out, the last thing you want is harsh bud. Drop the light hours back to 11 and flush. Harvest in a week to 10 days. Damage is done. She is about done, dont expect any major bud development anymore. The look of that stem would also indicate a rather unhealthy rootzone.


Grow strong and prosper,

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Thanks for the replies, it all helps.


Gave her a good flush but couldn't wait any longer and harvested today, all the leaves were just drying up and buds were too, so no water uptake seemed to be happening. Didn't want mould to form and compromise the other two plants in the room.
I don't have an ec stick to measure the ec unfortunately....on the next list of to buys.

Can you explain the 'cation exchange rate' to me please....wiki went straight over the top of my head.
I've loaded some photos to help:
Part of the 'trunk' was 'laying' on the surface and that has caused a small amount of rot in the side which can be seen as the mushy wet stuff in one photo (I scraped most away). Probably an area of 2cm wide x 3cm long. Trunk was 8cm across. Also the middle of the trunk in that 'rough' part of the trunk was hollow and had a white hairy fungus growing inside. Roots look good...a light brown in areas and not as white as usual but that could be as of lack of flush at the end. The lowest branch was slightly separated/split from the stem.
I keep looking at the other two plants being fed exactly the same time, from the same tub mix and with the same runoff amounts and the only difference is that rot in the stem and me turning off the light above this middle plant around 2 weeks ago. Could turning the light off, thus allowing only side lighting from the other two plants (600watts HPS), make the plant think autumn and thus shut down?
If its 'cation exchange rate' wouldn't the other two plants also suffer? I've been doing exactly the same the last couple of grows with no dramas, except for this extra light for this grow(bigger room).


I feel its the rot though...thoughts?






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Hey Earthling,

I have had a whole crown go a bit like your buds, all dried out. What had happened in my case was that about 1/2 way down that stem was a bud that had gone mouldy. The outside of it looked OK. The only external sign was a dead and dried out bud leaf, but inside it was white with mould fluff. That mould had eaten thru the phloem or bark of the stem cutting off the feed route and nothing was getting past that break in the feedline.

The internal woody part of the stem gives the plant strength to stand upright. No nutrients are passed thru the wood, all of the goodness is past thru the phloem, so when this is damaged the limb dies. It is exactly the same thing as ringbarking a tree, only the damage is done by the mould.


I do have a question or two for you tho. When you feed how is your fluid given? by pump or by hand? if by pump where is it being pumped too, directly onto the stem? I have made up a feed ring using 6mm T-pieces, initially, when the plant is young I have them feeding in towards the stem. Once the plant is well developed, I face the T-pieces away from the stem. I do this to lessen the moisture being directly poured onto the stem. And for the same reason, if watering by hand, wet the medium more than the stem. If the moisture is left sitting in the node, the join of a leave or branch to the main stem, it will encourage mould


Hope it helps


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