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Let’s Do Cannabis Better

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Who really believes these politicians when they sincerely declare what they’re doing to allow the use of Cannabis for medical purposes?

Who believed NSW Premier Bob Carr in the early 2000’s when he said,”It’s a Government’s duty to ensure medical Cannabis etc etc”? Or the more recent NSW and ACT Medical Cannabis Inquiries and their cross party committees who unanimously concurred medical Cannabis should be allowed? Or the Greens inspired Regulator of Medical Cannabis Bill which all agreed was a half hearted plan with no chance of ever getting up?

Of course nothing came of the Inquiries and promises, the same situation has been repeated in other Sates and Territories. Now we have the Liberal led Federal Government overriding all with a call that they’ll grow the Cannabis for medical research. The details of the latest announcement were definitely lost in the rush to print and when they emerged a few days later there’s been nothing but a whimper.

Minister for Health Susane Ley and Minister for Medical Research Pru Goward have since explained the plan. Seems Minister Goward traveled to England personally to secure a deal with GW Pharmaceuticals for supply of a high CBD product Epidiolex which is still in trial phase.

The government is hoping to secure enough to commence a trial of about 40 pediatric Epilepsy patients. Our Government is hoping the company will grow Cannabis in Australia for a larger trial for the same condition which could commence by the end of 2017.

While HEMP commends all for keeping our issues on the agenda, it’s also important to note the true nature of these announcements and conclude it’s all about securing the votes of people who are being led to believe the politicians are progressing Cannabis law reforms.

HEMP understands more broadly the obstacles facing Australian Governments on this issue, we’ve been at it constantly for over twenty years. It may interest you to know the current Australian situation is faced by all other countries in the world. In fact, no Government to date has initiated any meaningful medical Cannabis regime anywhere in the world, and there’s still no acceptance of medical Cannabis benefits by the medical profession at large.

It appears this ‘new’ push for medical Cannabis has taken its time to get us back to square one, the International embargo on the use of Cannabis for scientific or medical research.

To put things in context, what Australians are asking for has not been done by any other Government. United Nations Drug Conventions are quite clear in relation to the use of medical Cannabis.

Just to go one step further, Australia is one of very few countries who benefits economically from the same UN Drug Convention which allows two foreign companies to grow over half the world’s lawful opium needs. HEMP called for a Federal Inquiry into medical Cannabis over 12 months ago, an investigation into these International roadblocks, and measures required to allow for research and use of Cannabis for medical purposes.

Same applies for the hemp seed food and broader industrial hemp industries, another great example which highlights the difference between what politicians say they’re doing and what’s actually happening on the ground.

Australia remains the only country in the world to maintain a ban on the consumption of hemp seed foods, sure there’s industrial hemp regulations, but it’s like saying you can grow ‘wheat for the chaff’.

The hold up here is that State Police have taken it upon themselves to oppose any moves to lift the ban by claiming that allowing hemp seed food consumption may interfere with roadside saliva testing.

This issue and police behind the scene white-anting may very well keep medical Cannabis on the back burner too. A Tasmanian Parliamentary Inquiry into its hemp industries found the Australian only ban on the consumption of hemp seed food, is holding back the entire hemp industry.

Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand have repeatedly approved, reviewed and re approved hemp seed foods for human consumption in Australia. Police had made submissions, provided evidence, appeared as witnesses and did what they could, but nobody believed their story about the reliability and suitability of saliva testing for detection of drug use or impairment.

As a hemp farmer I have spoken with many politicians, bureaucrats, policy makers and public servants, we don’t believe the police either.

Andrew Kavasilas, HEMP Party Secretary.

Let’s Do Cannabis Better
Better Health, Better Nutrition, Better Policing & Better Budgets

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