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Making Female Seeds with pollen?

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Hey everyone,


I was searching around the net and found a seed bank www.firestax.com


Anyone ordered from them by the way? In QLD? They have some very nice exotic strain I would love to have :D


At the bottom of a page somewhere it says this....


"Seeds of female plants that were reversed to produce pollen and then pollinate another female plant that has not been reversed.  These seeds will produce all female plants.


Is this true? What would be the success rate? And does this mean we would have to stress the female plant to produce seeds?


Thanks :)

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Yes, a true female sex-reversed to produce staminate flowers and used to pollinate another true female (or itself) will produce only female offspring.


If you wanted to grow these out and make seeds no you would not have to stress the plant, just pollinate it.

Thanks Naycha.


We learn something new everyday :D


So how do we reverse the sex from a female plant? :P


lol sorry, im a bit confused and cant ask the forum search or google, the right question apparently haha



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