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Can you grow a in doors using product solely from bunning and masters?

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I grow in soil


usually with canna terra and canna terra nutes



just for shit n giggles I thought I would try n


do a cheap grow with stuff from bunnings


searles5in1 soil with perlite mixed in and only seaweed fert every 2 weeks, in 10lt buckets with holes drilled in bottom


so far so good


4wks into flower n lookin pretty good



if it can grow in the desert in afganastan(?) to the high alps in Nepal


im pretty sure it can survive with bunnings stuff lol


it is a weed after all lol









it is a weed after all lol

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You could build the sweetest of grow rooms with supplies from bunnings but the guts of the room would be completely unsuited for what you want to use it for.  I'm sure you could get away using a security light or a bunch of massive fluros strung together for lighting but you'll never get anything like LEDs or a 400w HPS light made for growing there.  You could also get away with using a bathroom fan to move air out of the room but then you have the issue of odour control and bunnings don't sell anything like carbon filters or ozone generators.


Not only is most of the stuff you could use there far from the best option intitially, over the long term you're going to pay considerably more in both terms of money and time because when things like bathroom fans are used 24/7 they burn out fast.  You might only pay $30 per fan every six months and technically save money over investing in a massive purposely designed hydroponics fan but the chances of the latter burning out are slim to none over a few years so you won't constantly be pulling your system to bits to replace worn out gear.


IMO you should buy things like pots, hosing, etc. from bunnings as that stuff is the same everywhere but when it comes to nutrients, lighting, fans, etc. experience has taught me that you should just throw as much money as you can at getting the setup you want in the long run because that dream setup will forever be worked towards and once there you'll look back on all that time, money and effort as being a lesson in how to not grow cannabis properly.  It hurts initially but it's a sound financial decision to make if you intend on doing more than a couple of grows in your life as the more expensive gear will more than make up for the extra cost in the long run and in the short term you get to sleep soundly knowing you're giving your plants everything you can :)

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