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Beheaded seedlings


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2 nights ago I had a Brushtail possum come through my seedlings and chomp about $450 worth. They were protected but not enough it seems.


They were just babys with 1st set of true leaves. Mr Possum took 10/10 Black domina, Half the Chitral Kush and shitload of my SSS.


I think there doomed, but has anyone ever seen them re -shoot, there is no leaf just stem ?


I can replace the SSS easy, but Im concerned about reordering other strains since Faith thinks he got busted with custom intercept. I already had 1 order and a resend fail to show from Herbies in August, but 2 successful sends from Cannabisseedsforsale.

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Thanks Lou, he had a very expense meal, just hoping there might be something I can do to give them any chance, like warm, moist environment. I think there buggered.


Nice bike to, I've had many a new bike over 35 years of riding, run it in easy and dump the oil after first decent ride.

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Hi Ange


They were in my veggie garden surrounded by 75mm x 50mm wire mesh fence 1.5 m high, I can see possum hair stuck in fence. I know this possum and have seen him go through that 75 x 50 hole wiggling his arse. I couldn't believe he could do it since his arse much larger, its hilarious to watch, but I'm not laughing now.


This was back in June and he was here every night for 2 weeks, then he disappeared, seems he's back. The other possums here are not as bold as this fella and my veggie garden has been undisturbed. My seedlings were in 5-6" pots and some were knocked over, so its no slug or bush rat.


I'm not real worried the weathers been shit and winter like here, so I not missing any of the season. Just trying to save the Domina and Kush if possible. Looks like another order.

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