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I've had two plants in the yard last season. One turned out to be a boy and was cut off, the other a girl which gave me lots of bud. After the harvest, I pulled both stumps out of the bed and planted corn in the bed. A few weeks ago, I noticed some weeds growing in the bed and went to pull them out, when I realised these were actually cannabis plants. I let them grow for a while and today I noticed that one of them started to grow balls, the other buds. Both are about 50-60cm tall and it looks like both plants are growing back from some leftover roots in the bed.


I guess they are flowering because the days are still shorter than the nights and they're in "winter mode".


Is it normal or an accident? The fact that both grew back makes me think the former.

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I didn't replant the stumps. I pulled them out but some bits of root were stuck in there.


I don't think it was seeds. The male plant had been removed the moment it became clear that it was a boy and way before the other plant showed any signs of gender at all. And the two new plants are growing in similar positions as their older versions were.


Very strange

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