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searles premium potting mix

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Searles Premium Potting Mix


An excellent general potting mixture to ensure plants bloom.


• Contains 8 months feeding.

• Certified Premium Grade AS 3743.

• Excellent general purpose premium potting mix (indoor, outdoor and semi-shade).

• Contains Searles Penetraide® Re-Wetting Granules and Water Crystals.

• Contains Robust® Controlled Release Fertiliser.

• Contains Zeolite plus added Trace Elements and Minerals.

• Contains Peat Moss plus Real Organic Compost.

• Also ideal for self watering pots.


• Avaliable sizes: 6 Litres, 10Litres, 30 Litres, 50 Litres and 65L

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I've used the searles 5-in-1 with premium potting mix (couldn't source the searles potting mix). Ratio of 50/50 with a bag of pearlite added in. I had quite bad deficiencies all through this grow and had to supplement with liquid ferts. Granted, this is my first time growing and it could all be put down to noobie errors, but thought it worth sharing my experience anyway.


Also, the mix turned out to be fairly acidic. If you choose to go down this path, test your soil PH, or add in some dolomite lime to raise the pH.





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Sorry? Not sure I follow.


I added equal parts of the searles 5-in-1 and a premium potting mix (forget the brand now) then added in a 5litre bag of perlite. I think the perlite came to about 15% of the total volume. I started them off in debco seed raising mix and then transplanted to this mixture. About 3 weeks in, they started showing signs of deficiencies (yellowing leaves) as soon as I began feeding them liquid ferts, they perked right up.

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