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is this a good nutrien?

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try the Seasol Green or Purple bottle (purple would be preferred)

the bottle in the pict is good as an additive to your nutrients, but does not have all the stuff you need to grow with




Thanks for the information.


I think i have seent he green bottle its called powerweed right?

Do i use both of them all the time?  can i tell me what bottle i need to use in what stage for my autoflower?


thanks alot

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you can use the seasol now. Use weekly as per instructions on bottle - Using more than recommended is not better


Yes Powerfeed Green Bottle (power weed, lol) -sorry my first message was not very good


I consider 10ml green powerfeed/ to 4Litre water to be full strength (it has heaps of nitrogen)

so 2.5ml green powerfeed/Litre of water is full strength, start with a weaker solution (2.5ml/2L or 1.25ml/1L)

everyone is different, some start low others start from full strength 


The seed has enough "self-nutrients" for the first week or so of its growth,

No need to water with nutrients in that first week.

Fastest way to kill a new seedling is to over water!


You'll need to have a flowering additive but that won't be for at least 6 weeks... 


How often you water depends on your container size

What are you using to grow the seed in?

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I planted my seeds 15 days ago. In the pictures u can see how my plant look like today :D


My plant look healthy i think but im not sure, can someone tell me more about it?


So my plant are 15 days old. when do thay enter the stage when she is going to make buts in what week?





king green :give_rose:




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it is an Auto strain, it will start to flower(bud) when it is ready, you will start to see white 'hairs' in another month or so (could be in a few days tho too), that is a sign that it's ready to start developing buds


You need to give that plant as much sun as possible, the more sun the bigger it will get, and the motte buds you'll have at the end.

It is big enough to be using Powerfeed (or what ever one you decide on). 

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if i understand this good i can already start useing seasol once a week? but when can i start to use Power Feed? and what nutrient do u recommend for the flowering state. . I am growing an autoflower plant. so this is a bit different


I ask a lot but i dont whant to destroy my first grow :D




uploaded 3 pictures of soil i used, i mixed all the soil together with some perlite.


also i grow with 4x 24w cfl lights





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