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i second that.


i would also like to add that going into this with the mindset of making money isnt always the best idea. growing weed has its ups and downs just like real farming. if i remember back to when i was starting out there was more failed crops than there was successful ones. if i was in this for the money i would have gone broke for sure.

although back then there wasnt forums full of knowledge and help either.


much better off to find a real job and grow a little ganja as a means to cutting down your smoko expenses.

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What they said.


Is there money to be made from growing weed?  Well, fucken oath there is.


Is it worth the risks?  Only you can decide that, but you need to be sensible and do a properly thought out and researched risk analysis first, just as you would before setting up any other business.  I already know the answer, but others will come up with a different one.


Biggest points I'd make are that selling is a great way of bringing attention to your growing activities, and that's not a good thing.  And SOG as stated, means a lot of plants, leading to bigger punishments if busted.


With the right mother, a good cloning setup, a veg tent, and a flower tent, you can set up a perpetual harvest in a sorta SOG except you have rows of plants at different stages of flowering.  Say 4 plants per row, harvesting 1 row/week and moving a new row in to replace, giving an oz/plant, means a pound/month roughly.  For that you have, 1 mummy, maybe 12 in veg, 32 in flower, and likely a minimum 16 cuttings striking roots, if you get busted they count that as 61 plants, which takes you past the magic number of 50 (NSW) and into very bad man territory in the eyes of the court, chuck supply charges on top and you are in the shit even for 1st offence, for maybe $3,000/month of gross profit (not net profit). 


So is that worth it for that return, after a significant cash investment to get started, plus running costs?  Up to you in the end.


But if you do it, be sensible.  And if you want a nice sea of buds in a growroom, you can do it with 1, 2, or 4 plants depending on your grow space, and a 100mm mesh screen.  It takes a slightly longer veg time while you prune and train for 1 branch/hole, but it gives the same max yield roughly as a SOG, and the same sort of overall appearance, without the big numbers.  And remember, it's a business, and that means you have to run it like a business, and that could really take all the fun out of growing a beautiful plant.



*edit for bad maths

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