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Worst, laziest Grow

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Ok, I am sure you will all agree, that my "current" grow rates highly in the worst or laziest grows..


My sig has the details, but I started off 9 sweet seeds of 3 different varieties and a bunch of lushxblueberry in the first week of December.


They were looking good, under a 135W CFL, this is a pic towards the end of December.post-2463-0-71796600-1434181133_thumb.jpg


After which, due to some big parties, visitors etc. I lost interest and they remained in their tiny pots growing up to 3 feet tall with only one set of leaves... Almost dieing between their waterings at times 10 days apart.


2 of the lxb's turned out to be males and started dropping yellow dust everywhere.


I killed them and kept going...


After mardigrass, I think around may 20 I decided enough was enough. Turned off the ever faithful cfl after being on 18/6 for over 5 months.... Filled up an outdoor planter and buried them a couple of feet under.


Survival rate was low, but again ended up with 2 more lxb boys. They had balls everywhere, and as I hate paying for seeds, I thought bugger it, I'm gonna make some !


The remaining girls were quite week and small little hairs were appearing.


I left it another week or more and then finally decided at the end of May to pull the boys and bash them all over the remaining girls....


A couple of sweet seeds ice cool ladies and some lxb ladies.


Here is a pic from today.. Buds are heavily seeded, so hopefully next year I can be less lazy ;). lol. Pulled a small bud off last night and it is full of half formed seeds.... :)


Anyone do better ?






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