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light spectrum for autos'

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haven't done auto's before but have budded photo-period plants with a single 80w Philips CFL 6500k I reckon a couple of those would do the trick, got about an ounce worth.

that's my result - https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/topic/66121-the-stoned-jesters-2nd-80w-cfl-grow-lushhazeskunk1-x-blueberry/?p=434869

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I'm doing auto's as we speek.


I germed in paper towesl and then dropped straight into final medium in the tent.


I started them under a 400m MH about 1m away and slowly lowered it. They stayed under the same MH until a few days ago and I swapped out for the HPS globe but still 400w.


I have had it on a 19 / 5 on / off schedule from day dot and thats how it will be until the end.

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Are you going to change out lights when they start to flower. if you going to change out lights, use 6500k till they stop stretching, then put some 4500k till the last few weeks. When you start to flush, put your 6500k back in till harvest. Run them on 18/6 and power on.


I have run full 6500k all the way through and was fine, however I didnt start on flower food till the 4 week of flower. 


I love Autos, I use 6500k and veg food till they stop stretching and then put them on the windowsill where I have coffee in the morning in winter.

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thanks stoners,i have 2x2 4tube t5, have 8 2700k and 8 6500k so can mix up a bit, use these in a 80x80x160 tent, just finished 3xmango, 2xrihno, 90gram dry, only let the clones get to 20cm then switch so was't too bad for t5,it was a have a go and see with the t5, I'm pleased with the result so i'll give auto's a go, may post pics if I can work out how to do it.

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