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Where to get simple light sockets with cords?

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If you look on youtube for CFL grows and on other american forums grow diary's using CFLs allot of them seem to have these simple light fixtures that are just a simple light socket with a power cord attached or even just a light socket with a plug right on the end.



Ive searched the net but i cant seem to find them does anyone know where a person could get these?


Also the light shades used for reptile heat lamps, these: http://shop.fantasticfarms.com.au/index.php/products/super-quality-aluminium-dome-reflector-lamp-shade-for-reptile-heat-lamps-or-chicken-brooders.html


Does anyone know where a person could get a hold of these for cheap?



Much thanks for any help.

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Afaik the light sockets with the plug in the back do not stand up to Australian electrical standards and are therefor not available for sale in Australia. At least what I was told when looking for em here many moons ago. Otherwise, you can buy ceramic fittings that will run some of the bigger CFLS although they are not cheap.

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yeh when i built my first pc grow box, I had a leccy friend wire up some of those sockets onto a plank of wood, it didn't look hard but i personally would never try anything electrical myself as i know ill fuck something up.


I did that and got away with it and I still wouldn't recommend it or ever do it again lol

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