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I was told by more than a few folks that I should (or may want to) trim off the very top new growth from my plants, which are currently about 12-15 inches tall. The theory behind this being that the plant will "bush out" and produce more (albeit smaller) buds as opposed to a single giant cola.


Should I be running for the scissors?


Also, how do I know when my plants are mature and I can begin cloning and reducing the light cycle to 12 hours to start budding?


And finally, where the h*ll do I modify my user profile so I can include a footer and other spam? :rolleyes:





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Well its each to their own with topping. If you want a bushier plant by all means cut the main growing top off and let the lower branches take the energy. Instead of just cutting it off try leaving it till its 2-5" tall so you can clone it. This will give you the best chance for a mum for later use :rolleyes:


Alternatively you could wait for the lower branches to grow to 2-5" and clone them instead and keep the main cola. Can clone a plant from as young as 5 internodes and 7" tall then leave it to reveg the lowest 2 nodes and the clone then flower either.


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Hey fishee,

the leave on any plant drive the plant through photosysnthesis.Removing leaves, especially fan leaves will force the plant to develop it's smaller lateral arms and shoots, hence a bushier plant.However, hydro particularly hybrid produce stuff all leaves during their life time.Thus, trimming your plant will give a diminshed benefit and will just slow the growth of your plant down.

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