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How do you conceal your outdoor grows?

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For all of you who grow outdoors in suburbia: How do you hide your plants?


I've just harvested my little tree. Possibly a bit premature but the end product is pretty good and I got about 21oz off it, so I don't really want to complain :) My problem was that it was getting so bloody big that I could not hide it anymore. It grew in a garden bed next to a 7' fence but that wasn't quite enough and I had to put a net over it and tie it down before it was flowering. This kept it below the fence line but when the buds started to get bigger, they too came dangerously close to the top of the fence. All up this little beauty was an easy 2.5m tall, with buds even more. Not an easy task to hide this.


The net also undoubtedly hampered the plant's development and affected the amount of bud (as I said, not that i am complaining about what I got) and it surely was a royal pain in the neck to get off. I spent 3 hours carefully cutting the net around the buds to keep the damage as low as possible.


In the beginning, I tried to train it to grow sideways but without much success.


Any tips for next time?



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having a a yard full of greenery would help a ton. Bushes in the bushes :ph34r:


Full on indicas can also circumvent that typical cannabis look to a degree. I had some kushes once that looked like a plastic plant from the 2$ shop.


I remember when I was 17 was visiting a dudes place in the hills and next to his chook pen he had a 13 ft tree. Took us half an hour to realise it was there cause it was so humungus. Went against our conventional recognition of cannabis.

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What would be a stockier strand for example? Sorry, I know nothing about strands, genetics etc. and I have no idea what I grew. I found a few seeds in a bag of green and thought I'd give it a try. Planted 5, 4 germinated, 2 died, one was a boy but the remaining one was a beauty...just way too tall. 


What I am after is a nice plant (or two) which gives me enough green to cover the next grow cycle.


Has anybody ever tried to grow under a shade cloth? I was thinking about clearing an area and building a top and side cover for it to keep it from prying eyes but I don't know enough about growing to know whether this will work. 



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I live in an old school building and I hid my 4 plants behind an old climbing apparatus on the schoolyard. I think the "hide in plain sight"-method works good.

But where I grow you don't risk a life sentence just that your plants get destroyed if you have more then 5.



This is also a good suggestion and a nice spot, plenty of water.


Great piece on outdoor growing and hiding I found on this, I believe pretty new grow guide / forum website: 


Best spot to grow marijuana outdoors

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Hide that!!! Good luck... seriously though if you are prepared to put in the work these plants are really easy to train. You may be better going for two or three smaller ones as this may end up being easier to HST/LST. Hence easier to hide,,,when they get that big it becomes a real issue and even if you only get a slap on the wrists if you get caught,  all that work and effort  wasted. Good luck

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