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Hey everyone,


Purchased myself a TrimTray for $85 including postage.  post-51352-0-03228000-1428531765_thumb.jpg


gave it a test run the other night - I cut up 2 branches of Bubblegum over the trim tray [not manicuring, merely snipping buds off stems and plucking some shade leaves] - and ended up with 1.5g of kief.    post-51352-0-18187000-1428531777_thumb.jpg   post-51352-0-46227800-1428531787_thumb.jpg


I'm pretty happy with this investment. 


I did consider some other options - I really liked the OG Worker Bee - but this was a nice compromise of function and $$.



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Apologies for the lack of detail folks...


It comes with 150 micron stainless mesh. 

You can buy replacement 100, 150 or 200 micron screens [the 100 sits on top of the orange 150micron tray and the  200 sits underneath the orange tray or any of them can be used individually] although I did not check this at the time of purchase.





The mesh itself can't be replaced - you need to replace the whole top. 



I am a careless stoner and the first time I got it out to use it I dropped a small glass jar on the screen so it is a bit saggy.  It's also easy to get careless and drop scissors, etc on the screen which I'm sure wouldn't help.  Although after the first few times I'm now more careful to place the scissors on the orange plastic bit around the edge.



I purchased from the same place I get all my online purchases, Advanced Horticulture Systems at sales@adhs.com.au.  In the past I've paid via Paypal and cash bank deposit and have found them to be 100% reliable.  Felix has assured me no details of transactions are kept, ie my name and address.  $85 including postage.  They do have an ebay store but I stay away from there. 


I did not check with Felix whether they stock the replacement screens [didn't know I was going to be such a clutz!]

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That's pretty cool, and very handy having it all together in one unit like that.  I assume the work you did over it was with dry, not wet, buds?  I've basically got the povo Macgyver version that I use for working the dry buds, couple of books on top of some greaseproof paper, and put my hand screen on top, but I would prefer to have that unit.  Not too sure about the worker bee one though, looks like it's designed for sitting on your lap, but I prefer to do mine at a bench.

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