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The new Superman action flick, Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder was a much needed and impressive revamp on the legendary saga. I was just starting to forget about my favourite child hood super hero then out of nowhere, this movie came. The urge I felt to see this film after viewing a trailer in 2013 was just like I was a kid again, and at no point from playing the entire film did that feeling leave.


I was sceptical however; filmmakers usually go to any extent to rejuvenate old saturated stories, which if necessary could include the original storyline and hero’s identity. And I was right and it was good; this is not like any other Superman release. It isn’t like "Smallville", it isn’t a sequel of "Superman Returns". This is "Man of Steel"!  A whole new direction which actually didn’t disappoint!


The in depth story takes the audience all the way back to Super Mans first days, shedding light to his family background, people and planet. Upon his natural birth in Krypton, we see a heavily industrious & draconian environment surrounded by alien technology & wildlife. We feel as if the Kryptonians are of a more advanced race of people that are adapted to harsher environments than Earth.


In the opening sequence, the audience is thrown into a dismantling economy subject to over mining and soon to be corruption. We learn Krypton is governed in a strict big brother like fashion demonstrated by the people’s lack of right to decide their own fate in life. Natural births are a thing of the past in Krypton; babies by law must be bred and born in laboratories using a codex which controls the child. To put it simply, children are programmed by the codex to behave a certain way. During this sequence, we learn Kal El’s Father, Jor El (Russel Crowe) and his wife, Lara has planned for Kal-El (Superman or Clark Kent) to be a unique and unlawful Kryptonian birth. Later on, Jor - El is seen to approach the leaders of Krypton in regards to saving the codex of the planet and inhabiting a new world as he fears it would collapse due to the mining of Krypton’s core. The leaders deny his plea although the planets collapse is inevitable.


Zod and his minions are on their way to the leaders with the intention of taking control of Krypton in the process stopping by Jor-El. Zod asks if he would like to join him in taking over Krypton, and although Jor’s plea was denied by the leaders, Jor opposes his offer and Zod orders his minions to arrest him. A few awesome battle scenes later, Jor breaks away and heads for the area where the birthing chambers and codex reside. Before going in, he asks Lara to prepare a space craft and find a suitable planet to send his son to.


After stealing the codex, Jor races back home to realise Lara has found a place to send their son: Earth. Sad they can’t be there to see him grow up, Lara and Jor decide it’s the best option for Kal as it would be free of Krypton’s limitation and he would be able to live life as he wills. Afraid, Lara asks if he would survive on Earth. Jor assures her under Earths different environment and yellow sun; it would make Kal almost invincible and possess god like powers. Jor El then attaches the codex to his sons living cells.


As they ready Kal’s pod, Zod forces his way back to Jors home and demands for the codex back. Jor tells him it is in the space craft with his son. Furious, Zod stabs Jor eventually killing him. Meanwhile, Lara deploys the spacecraft full speed into orbit.


Angered they have crippled Krypton’s only chance of survival by the removal of the codex, Zod commands his minions to destroy the craft. Inconveniently, his orders are stopped when Kryptonian security arrives blowing up their ship and arresting Zod and his followers.


Zod & his crew are exiled to the Phantom Zone infuriating him further. Zod then swears to Lara he will find Kal and the codex after his sentence.


Shortly after, Lara is killed with Krypton as it collapses from the core. Light years away, we see the space craft Kal is in land in earth. Here on, Superman is adopted by farmers in Smallville and becomes a part of human society. He struggles to fit in with his abnormal abilities but in the end uses it to help the needy people of earth. Eventually, Zods sentence has ended and he’s located the whereabouts of the codex; Earth.    


In conclusion, I am not an overtly huge fan of Superman these days as opposed to my childhood days, but this take was just a pleasure to watch. The plot was simply structured; delivering the story in a chronological order, the special effects were great - similar to the Thor or Wrath of the Titans film. The Battle scenes were excellent and consistent; you can definitely sense Zack Snyder’s "300" techniques in play.

Henry Cavill’s acting was successful mastering a whole new darker version of Superman. He exhibits a more distant and alienated approach from the realisation of his abnormal powers. He shows willing intention to help the general populace when in need but, in certain scenes, some can’t be saved. And buildings, Superman doesn’t seem to care about destroying a few sky scrapers when he battles Zod in the final moments of the film, which ultimately goes against Superman’s prior image but nonetheless, was absolutely great to see. This is a new direction which should be taken as is. Go check it out for yourself and see!

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Just because we are stoners Carlos doesn't mean we cant or don't want to read, that's just a bad assumption.

and who cares if it's an old movie at least he wrote one,  I don't see you contributing any movie reviews, actually come to think about it you don't really contribute much to the boards either and tend to criticise  people more often than not.

I say more reviews BeersBongsBitches keep up the good work mate.

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Great review please send me all your review links here. I don't care what they are barbecues , double glazed windows , the latest episode of sons and daughters you name it I wanna read it. THanks. PM me using this link.





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Great work mate. Totally agree. I had the same scepticism about it. Took my son an wow It was great.

As to Carlos wtf mate. Stoner have professional lives to mate. Just like any substance if you abusue.

Been a canna user since I was 17, Now in my mid 40's

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