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Question on light and flowering

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ha-ha i've always wondered that, id assume it would continually veg as people keep 'mother' plants this way albeit with low intensity lighting so it has enough to grow and continually take clones.


id like to do that with a stretchy sativa in a huge warehouse,never top or lst, just grow a massive xmas style tree lol

few pics from seaching google "largest single cannabis plant in the world"





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your plant will just keep veging with the light 18/6, and is how people keep mothers. keep under mh or hps for production of regular clones or change to low density lighting, cfls or fluros to slow the mother down, reduce nutes etc just to slow down till you need her again.


and yes you can turn a mother to flower anytime as long as shes healthy, 6mths, 6 years, successfully.

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