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GG Allin and Chung Lee Full flower night shots

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Southern Star Seeds '100% indicas'... well at least the Chung Lee is, big wide leaves, grows like a bean pole with lack luster side branching. I topped this one very late as it was getting to tall for my liking, resulting in 4 big tops. If I left it to go it would have had a MASSIVE main cola. Nice but risky for mold... It smells like ginger sometimes, like garlic other times, like salami sometimes as well. Very interesting and not your typical fruity 'dutch' type weed. Dense flowers too. This is from  my 'F2' version seed I made last year, I sprouted 9 seeds and all plants where very uniform, only 1 female though... 


The GG Allin is the lanky girl with big fat running heads. It was always the biggest and most vigorous plant out of 5 seeds started. Big / wide leaves, dark green, beautiful plant. All females out of five seeds had me wondering about the genetics... Feminized?  Who knows. I had one small GG plant that started flowering early that I already harvested that was absolutely crusted in resin. This one pictured is just moderate in the resin production.


Both grown in 60/20/20 potting mix, coco, perlite with added 'sudden impact' Rose fertilizer and watered with straight water and seasol once or twice a week.


Chung Leepost-15455-0-80600600-1426859439_thumb.jpgpost-15455-0-16426900-1426859561_thumb.jpgpost-15455-0-12694100-1426859661_thumb.jpgpost-15455-0-98197100-1426859739_thumb.jpg


GG Allin post-15455-0-72238800-1426859867_thumb.jpgpost-15455-0-97699700-1426860039_thumb.jpgpost-15455-0-90936300-1426860145_thumb.jpgpost-15455-0-17401500-1426860214_thumb.jpg   

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Very nice rosey  and I like the night-time pics!  I have a question about the mix of your medium...does the sudden impact (is this the neutrog gear?) make up 20% of the volume of your medium composition?  I am a little confused as it seems a lot.  Your plants look fantastic and I've got to grow some SSS plants one of these days lol

Peace and good growing to you rosey

Faith :sun:

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Cheers Ozzy,


Itchybro, no I haven't smoked any GG yet as the harvested plant isn't dry yet. The smell is interesting and yes it is pretty strong.


T.WilyRR, as descibed in my original post the Chung Lee is an interesting smelling plant - reminds me of some indica weed I used to buy back in the day known as Red Dev. It made your breath smell like you had been eating cured meats after a smoke. Today it reminds me of Licorice. The GG Allin has a classic 'skunk' smell, just sweet and pungent.


Faith - Yes its Neutrog Sudden Impact and no, it does not make up 20% of the mix!! The medium in each pot is 60% Osmocote Multi Purpose potting mix (best at Bunnings IMHO and quite a hot mix in itself) 20% coco peat and 20%perlite. To a 35 litre pots worth of medium I add a small handful of the Sudden Impact and I also added a small handful of Blood and Bone and mixed it through. I don't really think the B&B is needed. As I said, the osmocote potting mix has quite alot of amendments in it already, you could veg a plant with straight water for 2 months easy with this potting mix. I used this Sudden Impact this year as a bit of an experiment. It seemed to work ok but I have had alot of shade leaf drop and nutrient deficiencies all through flowering with the GG Allin. The Chung Lee is a hungry beast and seems to love the nutrient rich mix.

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old thread i know, How was the stretch with the GG? I'm growing some gg under 400w hps, and the stretch is horrendous, its still going in week 6, very week spindly stems also, the plants is extremely healthy though not a single def, conditions are on point so it cant be much that I'm doing wrong. This thing doesn't look anything like an indica too.

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