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Police net record number of cannabis plants in local raids (video)

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I notice they never mention the ridiculous costs involved in these annual outdoor media events, probably because it exceeds the supposed value of the plants they find.  And as far as I'm concerned it is a media event, so the police and politicians can make a lot of noise about how they are succeeding in being tough on crime, even though a lot of the plants never seem to end up with growers being caught and prosecuted, what a fucking retarded joke.  This is why law reform around cannabis is going to be a massive uphill struggle in this country, the pollies ain't gonna want to give up this sort of sidetracking scapegoat bullshit, and the popo ain't gonna want to give up this sort of justification for the funding they want.  (Probably shouldn't have ever watched stuff like The Wire, I'm turning into a cynical old bastard)


In the meantime ice and other speed variants are taking a stronger hold and causing more and more harm to individuals and society, don't hear them making much noise about that.  But so long as they can continue to bust kids with weed on train stations and pills at music festivals, they can keep pointing to good numbers of convictions to say they are successfully fighting crime I suppose.

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Well, in theory it might, but, with my cynical old bastard hat still on, I find it hard to believe that anyone in the Parliament would like hearing that sort of thing, let alone act on it.  Also, I have unfortunately become quite dissillusioned with the idea of trying to get any politician to listen to real world sense, and tend to believe their attention is elsewhere.  I have sadly also become dissillusioned with the campaign to change cannabis legislation, I believe it will happen, but I also believe the outcome will be far from ideal or effective.  Still the fight needs to continue for those who cannot realistically grow their own meds at the very least.

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If anyone is growing outdoors in the NSW bush. Don't go near your crop this weekend drug police are having a huge blitz. If they find your crop and your not there they install motion detection cameras. So whenever you check bush crops always wear hat and sunnies so you can't be identified. Good luck bush growers
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