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Temps in grow room

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Ok so I'm using a grow lab tent and I bought a new led diamond series xml 350 light it works great plants seem to stretch alittle but nothing horrible . The problem im having is the temps in the grow room are alittle cold running about 70-71 degrees f when I want about 75 maybe this is the cause of the stretching but I was wondering how I could raise the tempeture I have thrown blankets over the tops and sides. The tent is on carpet and I put 2 fans at the top of the tent to blow the hot air down but the temps are still low how could I raise the temp to optimal range. I have read humidifiers but I don't really wanna drentch the room either any suggestions ? Edited by bluedreammed
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Like  Lou said the stretch will be due to the LED light being to far away from the top of your girl's or it mite be that the LED light is not powerful enough.


An that temp should be ok  as the girls will be stunted if it was to cold for them  an not stretching like you have said they are.


If you have a fan to suck out the old stale air you could use a fan speed control on the fan to slow it down so it don't suck as much air out of your tent an that will make it warmer in the tent for your girl's,But them temps are ok.



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