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When to harvest

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What are the trichomes like? clear? amber? milky? What sort of stone do you like? Get yourself a Jewelers Loupe, eyepiece from binoculars, eyepiece from kids Microscope or similar so you can see how mature the Trichomes are


Clear/Translucent Trichomes = not mature not much potency


Milky Trichomes = Heady, euphoric, awake type stone


Amber Trichomes = Couchlock, THC degrading, heavy more body stone


Get yourself something to be able to clearly see the the trichs and you will know when its due... Good Luck

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Looking fatter now. Lots more brown too!

What you think? Two weeks?


easily 2 weeks, probably 4... 

Ok so my first quasi-educated guess was a bit off ;)


those white 'hairs' you can see... they will turn brown soon, then an entirely new layer (for lack of a better word) of bud will grow in with

new white hairs, those hairs need to brown off before thinking about chopping.


one way to find out how you like your canna (mostly milky/half amber/full amber trichnomes etc) is to start taking a small bud at one week intervals, make sure to label the bud with its age

once the entire plant has been harvested, pull those buds out and have a test party. 

 -and yes I am talking about two different ways to tell if your buds are ready (hairs and trichomes) Trichomes are the best way to tell the ready-ness tho



looking great BTW

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It's a week later and there are very few white hairs left.

Eagerly waiting the next round of white hairs and the "plumping " you all are referring to.

Without you guys helping, I would have definitely pulled them by now.

Question! What's flushing? And, Should I continue potash nutes?post-47564-0-56708900-1427591640_thumb.jpgpost-47564-0-09992700-1427591671_thumb.jpg

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