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sheeeet 3 weeks :o


I Guess that's not too long to wait, ive come this far, I might not get much off her but I know itll be yummy shmoko!


The PE auto is atleast 2 weeks behind the bagseed, does that mean she still has like 5 weeks left? why would the breeder say 60-70 days from seed? did they mean flowering time 60-70 days?


its really starting to stink up the joint too, so the sooner its done the better, once complete and I don't have to purchase any for a few weeks I can buy the carbon filter and fan speed controller!

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got my 30x & 60x loupe, its only a cheap $5 one but does the job, its a bit of a bugger to use though, gotta get right up close to the bud to see lol


Trichs are looking all clear and after looking at some comparison pics of ready to harvest plants I see I have to wait for a lot of the pistils to recede too.


Thanks for the continuing help Louise!

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Hey BiggDogg,

How many weeks of 12/12 has it been so far? At the very least you'd be wanting all those white pistils to be turning brown at least once. Personally I recommend leaving it even longer. Once those pistils brown off and die, the bud swells from inside as more pistils develop and eventually emerge. These too will 'brown off'. I allow this browning off to occur 3 times which usually takes around 12-13weeks of 12/12 before I harvest. I will NEVER do another 8week grow again.

Some people will tell you this is way too long but with the improvement in the smoke it is certainly well worth the wait IMHO. I have made this recommendation to other growers previously, some have immediately 'poo pooed' this idea as it takes too long. But 2 members that I know of have followed my recommendation with (in their words) outstanding results.

I never go by 'the breeders' idea. For me 60-70 days from seed would be no where near ready as I grow (18/6) for 4-5 weeks or 28-35days. This would mean 6-7 weeks of 12/12, for me this is not enough time even for the first browning of the pistils. Admittedly I'm growing SCROG (SCReen Of Green) so I grow my plant till my screen is full, where some growers grow a SOG (Sea Of Green), or grow 10 plants in the same area I grow 1 single plant. By growing 10 plants in the same area it would take a lot less time to fill the space, but if the coppers come visiting 10 plants could get me a 'state sponsored holiday' where one plant gets me a fine. But even in saying this 70days of 12/12 still would not be long enough for my way of growing. This is one single plant https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/gallery/image/10062-6/

By solely using the breeders recommendation you may find things do not meet expectations. For example what lighting are the breeders using, what light timings are they using, what nute additives are they using, what feeding cycles are they using? These are only a few of the variables but all of these may affect the outcome. So as a guide, breeders recommendations may have some relevance but to use those recommendations as a bible would imo be wrong.


Hope it helps


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last week of January I flipped to 12/12 so around 6 weeks into flower now, and the PE auto is around 2 weeks behind, im guessing in these last 4 weeks or so they'll pack on a bit of extra weight?? I was originally thinking id be lucky to get an OZ of both plants combined, now im thinking that's not such an unrealistic goal :)


anyone wanna take a guess at rough yield??

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That's a bit like asking "How long is a piece of string?" lol Many variables

You've shown us a pic of one bud, with nothing to give dimensions. For example, hold a lighter up beside the bud, then take the photo to give something to compare size and dimension. Now that is one bud, does the plant have more buds?? Take a photo of the whole plant. This may make it a bit easier to make a guesstamation. As a newbie I'd have to say good onya for under estimating I've lost count of the number of newbies that start out with pounds in mind only to get ounces (and some not even that lol )

So to start with a small estimation anything more is a bonus.



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