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Chopper spies $250k drug haul, four arrested

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The POLAIR helicopter has been hovering over the Granite Belt region, with a joint operation between Stanthorpe, Warwick and Brisbane police leading to a drug bust worth $250,000. Four arrests have been made so far with police seizing two pistols, one with a silencer in the Sugarloaf area, and 36 marijuana plants from a property on Ellwood Rd, The Summit on Monday.


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I love the valuing system they use to create hype.  On their calculations the 6 plants I have in the bush are conservatively worth over $40,000, yeah right, if that was true I don't think there would be a single grower here not looking to go professional.  Sounds like there was illegal firearms involved as well, wonder if that's what drew attention to their growing activity?

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Did you guys actually read the article?


A crop of 36 plants found from the air...


Yeah, I did.  They dribbled on about combined forces including the firearms squad, and getting a couple of guns.  And unless my maths is dodgy their conservative estimate of 250,000 divided by 36 works out at a bit under 7,000 per plant.


Not sure why you posed the question Lou?  Unless you are referring to my comment wondering if the guns had anything to do with them coming to the attention of the coppers, which was merely postulation, not statement. 

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Those plants are considerably larger than yours Hashy, 7 grand a pop for that size of plants pictured... I don't think that's so much of an ask.


Yeah, I know.  Was just having a go at the way they come up with a nominal value per plant based on high yield plants being sold as street level deals, when we all know in reality that not all plants reach 2 pounds, and people growing for money will generally not sell as deals.  It's one of my pet peeves, especially as it seems to be for the benefit of media hype and propoganda

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