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what wrong with my lemon haze help!

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Hi Bluedreammed, 


I'm sorry I can't help with your plant problems but I'm sure someone will have an idea, 


may I suggest that you give a few more details such as


indoors or outdoors, lighting, growth medium, fertilizer use, temperature and humidity as a starting point


These details will help people to help you, 


good luck with your grow :good: 

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looks like she needs a increase in her pot size (root bound?)

those spots could be a few things from a calcium deficiency to bug bites to a one-off

​or could be as simple as splash-back from a feed

Looks like there are two lower leaves with the spots?


without more info from you I would- transplant and keep an eye on your leaves - see of the problem gets worse or was just those two leaves. 

Don't start throwing trace elements at it yet.


Need more info to make proper diagnosis... 

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I'd have to agree with Billy, just leave it be for a bit.

You've transplanted it, as Mr Completion said, They were too small. So leave it for a bit.

Plants need a bit of recovery time, repotting can be fairly stressful for the plant, altering feeds, adding this, adding that is only gonna stress things out even more.

Give her a bit of recovery time.

As for your idea of it being a potassium problem, feed it a complete plant food and all those 'what if's' Are taken out of the equation IMHO



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