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Bud Stress from concealment (Feminised Black Destroyer)

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Hi People

This is my first time posting here, what a great community.

I have a feminised Black Destroyer, which has been in flowering stage for about 3 weeks.

Its been bent down and trained to grow in amongst vegies yet it has now begun to pop out of the top.

In this kind of situation, the concern i have is about having to let people into my back yard (no choice there) for the whole day, and wanting to conceal it. Its in the ground. Deep in the ground, below all of my vegies.

Because it has been bent down and trained, it may be able to be pulled down a little more to hide better amongst my other plants but i am concerned that at this stage in its development that the buds will get damaged and stressed having to pretty much truss it like a chicken in order to hide it. Ill take photos tomorrow. 

Has anyone had to bend buds, tie them close together and restrict their light for 24 hrs before? If so id really like to know what to expect and if there is anything i can do. Any advice would be appreciated :)

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Frank the work happening in my backyard is due in about a week and so hopefully that won't be an issue. An arborist is coming to remove a tree, there will be enough smell from that itself, that I'm not concerned - if my black destroyer were at the end stage of development yes I would be very concerned about that
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So long as she can still breathe, a day without sun will not do any real damage.  Either temporarily tie it all down under the other foliage, or cover the garden with something that can still breathe like hessian or maybe even shade cloth.  Maybe you could rig up a little shade cloth enclosure so it looks like a little greenhouse area in the garden.


Then maybe you could think about posting a diary here for the rest of the grow, I am particularly interested in this strain as I will be growing 1 later in the year.

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I was a bit scared of the potential size (can supposedly grow 2+ meters) as i am in a rental, but it was one of the highest thc contents listed. Plus it has great medicinal ratings.

This is in part shade, in a garden bed filled with pea straw, compost, worms, worm compost, mushroom compost.

I use seasol, fish emulsion,worm castings and a bucket of putrid rotting banana skins in water now that its begun flowering.

Its in week 3 of flowering now, and is supposed to flower for about 7-8 weeks so that would bring me to about mid april for harvest.... 

Sorry the photos are shite, ill take some with a better camera soon.






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How far away from the plant is the tree, and will the workers have to walk past it? I think I would weight it down as low as possible for the day even cover the area as hashy suggested. If you have other potted plants saturate the area with other pots to help cammo the plant.

Its a risky thing to do, hide it well it will bounce back easily.


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