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MCUA Rallying the troops for “Dan’s Law”

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http://australianhempparty.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/strung-out.jpgThe death from cancer of a young man in his mid-20s is inescapably tragic.

Dan Haslam discovered, like thousands before him, that using Cannabis was a way to control the by-products of his conventional cancer treatments including nausea, severe vomiting, weight loss, pain AND mental distress.

The loss of a 3 children in that same week to seizure activity is no less tragic – especially when these deaths could have been prevented by the stroke of a pen on a statute.

Hundreds of parents who have children with severe intractable epilepsy and who know about Cannabis, are staggered by the results they see and the speed at which Cannabis works to stop the life threatening seizures. They see measurable benchmarks in the improvement of their child’s quality of life.

Still more parents watch their kids die while they remain chained to their law-abiding status.

The Medical Cannabis Users Association (MCUA) Australia, was born out of the Haslam story after it aired on channel 7 last June and when the public opinion poll showed that 2.8 million Aussies were now aware of, and wanted access to, Cannabis medicine. http://australianhempparty.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/dan-and-lucy-haslam2-400x270.jpg

Since then the MCUA has grown to over 5600 members who want legal access to Cannabis medicine – and not just for terminal illness, but for relief of chronic pain, and a range of debilitating mental illness conditions including depression and PTSD which can rob people of a life.

“Australians have an inalienable right to choose medical interventions. Parents and patients everywhere are being stripped of that right by a broken health systems and words on paper. “ said QLD MCUA member Debra Lynch, long term user of Cannabis as therapy.

“Laws and treaties made last century by men with ulterior profit driven motives – rather than out of any sense of moral obligation to prevent harm – make “choice” impossible. This right must be restored in relation to Cannabis use.” Ms Lynch said.

History records Cannabis as being a peoples’ medicine.

One that has been used as a home remedy for hundreds of years by herbalists; and was a useful ingredient in over the counter pharmacy medicines until prohibition put an abrupt end to its use. Since then, cancer has ravaged our society. Could there be a conceivable connection?

“This banning of Cannabis had no scientific base or reason for being – aside from a few self-interested, now long-dead businessmen who had vested interests elsewhere in the US.” said Ms Hester foundation member of the MCUA.

“The aim of the MCUA is to see the restoration of these health rights; and to see Cannabis given its rightful place in our medical arsenal against cancer and all other cannabinoid deficient illnesses that baffle our doctors. If the research is to be believed.. Cannabis could double the current survival rate from 11% to 22% in a short space of time.”

This week like “thousands” of “others”, Luke Foley, NSW Opposition leader, believes it is time to change the law in NSW.

Mike Baird also thinks the law should change.

His party has demonstrated its compassion, by dangling a get-out-of-jail carrot to people who are dying – then leave them to their own devices. No help. No recorded results. No medical expertise to assist them in their trial – just protection from arrest. No assistance with “supply” – its a case of find your own “carer”, a euphemism for dealer.

In 2012 Luke Foley initiated a Parliamentary Inquiry into medicinal Cannabis – because he wanted to revive the discussion around this issue in our State. The LNP rejected all the recommendations that could bring about change, and the issue was again swept under the carpet. In 2004 John Howard proclaimed support and took us down his road to no where.

“We have had enough of the faffing about. “ said Ms Hester. “My members will continue to defy regardless of the rules that prohibit its use.”

“Ending of prohibition is a nation-wide issue of concern to the growing number of Aussies who are becoming aware of the research and results and the lies being fed to them for decades to maintain the rage and the status quo.”

“To wait five years for results and then another decade for the law to catch up is absurdity in anyone’s books.” she said.

This is an issue of growing concern to the whole country. If Aussies want to make a choice, without persecution, when it comes to our health care needs they have to stand up and be counted.

Choosing Cannabis was the “mistake” made by Adam Koessler, Queensland’s brave dad who took it upon himself to do whatever he could to make life better for his little girl Rumer Rose. He is being charged with administering a prohibited drug to a minor.

“He did his research and he chose Cannabis.” Ms Hester said. “The law intervened in his decision. Now Rumer will be subjected instead, to the well documented toxic, late and long-term side effects of the current medical treatments devised by “experts” and their pharmaceutical advisors. How can this lunacy be justified? ”

The NSW MCUA and HEMP Party members will be supporting Adam in a Rally in Brisbane on Sat 7th March and have extended an invitation to others to join them on the bus being orgaising in a show of support for Adam, who made HIS informed decision to try Cannabis therapy for his child but is now being subjected to watching authorities force feeding his child chemotheraphy.

“What many people don’t understand about Fearless Father is that his story has gained worldwide media attention,” she said.

“This is an incredible platform from which to challenge and expose corruption in the “health industry,” she said. “His story has been published all over the world. If he loses, we ALL lose and the legalisation process in Qld will take huge backward steps.”

“There is pressure being applied in every conceivable way to have the charges against him dropped but if people don’t support his campaign then we are doing ourselves and every other person who needs Cannabis oil to be legalised a disservice.”

The Brisbane Fearless Father Rally and March is a family event and people from northern NSW are encouraged to join us.

The MCUA bus will pick up at all pre arranged places, that can be accommodated, between Grafton and the Gold Coast but places MUST be booked. Payment of $25 return can be made to the driver on the day.

See facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1533293423619389

Gail Hester MCUA Medical Cannabis Users Association

http://australianhempparty.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Free_Adam_Koessler_Brisbane-720x267.jpgFearless Father


Free Adam Koessler – Brisbane March 7


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