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insecticides advice please

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here are a few DIY idea's




Homemade Oil Spray

Mix 500ml of vegetable oil
½ cup of Sunlight dishwashing liquid or other pure liquid soap
Blend thoroughly and seal in a clean, clearly labelled jar. Store in a cool area for later use.
Dilute one tablespoon of the concentrate into one litre of water before spraying.

Oil based mixtures can be used to suffocate mites, scale and other soft bodied insects.

They help to repel leaf miner moths and some gardeners even find them effective against grasshoppers. A

void using on plants with hairy leaves and during very hot weather.


Molasses Spray
Dissolve one tablespoon of molasses into a litre of warm water.
Add one teaspoon of Sunlight dish washing liquid or other pure liquid soap

Spray regularly over the leaves of all plants attacked by caterpillars and other chewing pests. Caterpillars would rather starve than eat leaves sprayed with this mixture.

It has also been used with success by some gardeners as a possum repellent and for the treatment of soil affected by root knot nematodes by doubling the concentration of molasses.

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Hey west,

               There are a few specific chemicals that are for specific bugs you can purchase from gardening stores. But you need to actually identify the exact bug, there is a pest page here that may help. https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/forum/24-pests-and-diseases/

Also you can use chemical sprays, BUT, you're are pretty late in the season and being outside, probably flowering? Chemicals need a waiting period after spraying to full be used by the plant. Most chemicals have it written on them how long their waiting periods are. If the bottle is unavailable or doesn't specify, you can google search the chemical name and type MSDS. MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet. All chemicals must have, by law, an MSDS and although some concoctions may not be listed by name, they should be listed by active ingredient http://www.msds.com/

Now being late in the season, a chemical solution may not be the answer. And Mata's solution maybe more appropriate. Natural is always going to be better. Just be very aware that introducing moisture to the buds via spraying can cause HUGE problems in the dense bud with mould.



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