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ventilation fan potential drop in pressure

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Hi All,


I'm after a bit of advice. I'm in the process of planning out my grow room/space. I have an under the stairs spot that's approximately 1400x800x1000. I've got myself a 400w HPS.


In regards to ventilation, I am in the process of putting in sub-floor ventilation into my place to keep under the house dry and intend on splitting off one inlet to my grow room. I'm concerned about a drop in pressure as this ventilation will be running the length of the house, not to mention having 3 inlets.


The fan will be a centrifugal 200mm fan. The inlet will be dropped down to 2 x 150mm inlets and then one will be split off to my grow room. So there will be three inlets in total.


The question is, do you think there'll be sufficient power left to draw out hot air from the room? I don't intend on putting a carbon filter on it as the exhaust for this ventilation system will be at an end of the house where no one goes and neighbours should not detect any odour.



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we dont know how long your house is, if u run a 200mm fan u can use reducers to use 300-350mm ducting this should help u push more air over a longer distance but u may need a fan at each end of the ducting


i ran for a few years without a carbon filter i than installed a small ozone machine the plate type and i could smell the ozone out the front at the letter box one time so now a carbon filter is a must and no harmful ozone to mess with or unsuspecting walkers by smelling it

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