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Ok so according to cannaversity this is the recomendation.

Cupboard is 680mm x 450mm x 1300mm

The maximum is ~200w ... but I've got a 400w .... is this going to cause trouble? too much heat / burning?


I've got a couple of 120mm running atm and going to save up for a can fan.

Your room is 3.3 squarefeet, please review the three levels of recomendation below suited to your grow room 

Maximum Lighting 60 watts Per Square Foot

The maximum reccomended lighting for your area is 198 watts
Going this way you will require a fan with a flow rating of at least 15.2 Cubic Feet per Minute
Power Requirements 
This setup will require 1.1 amps to be available at all times for safest operation*
Additional Comments 
Getting to these points and or over it is highly reccomended the grower use Co2 in their room as your plants will only be able to photosythesise a certain amount of light before needing a Co2 boost to benifit


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TSJ, ive ran HID lights in some small places including a tallboy with the draws removed and doors added it just gets to hot from direct light not the actually heat being put off from the lamp


u could downgrade to a 175watt metal halide with both veg and flower spec bulb


or the other option would be to replace your ballast with a 400watt digital ballast so u can dim the light down to 200watts


if me i would just get a bigger cupboard and grow bigger plants ;)

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Hey TSJ,

              I figured that was the size of your drobe and I know people talk about having one side for clone, one side for grow, but personally I'd be removing that partition and the drawers then using maximum space possible for the grow. Placing the 400 in that single side would cook the lot. Now I'm a SCROGer, and I'd be recommending you do the same. Spread the plant out ASAP so that you maximize the bud sites and minimise the height, push the growth side ways rather than allowing it to grow up, cos you WILL run out of room.

As for heat, that will be a problem in such a restricted space. You want your intake down low and your exhaust up high, hot air rises and not just vented into the room but vented outside. Otherwise you're just recirculating stale used air and the plant will die. You're going to need some bloody good airflow to control those temps too, even with a cooltube imho.


Hope it helps


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