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using pk 13/14 outdoors in ground

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So I've just received my bottle of 13/14 and I've been doing some reading but I'm having trouble working out the dose and rates.

As I'm not doing hydro as tge bottles directions are made for I'm unsure on what I should do.. Should I be hitting them with the 13/14 each day for a week in week 5 of flowering or just once over that week?

Can I yse it now at a diluted fert up until I want to start flushing or signs of yellowing?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Yeah, if you are in soil and know what you are doing, Magpie's advice is probably a little better.


However, I've just used the PK 13/14 outdoors in both soil, and coco with a little soil mixed in, and it works fine.  Just mix it up in your water at the dilution rate on the bottle, or a little under, and water as normal for 5-7 days, then stop using it.  Try to keep it simple and not panic

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