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Help needed urgently! How to properly use bloom nutes?

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Hey guys


I have currently got a potted female big bang thats roughly 2m tall and 1m wide at its widest, its in a large pot that is about 6 galon. The pot has very good drainage.

It has been flowering for about 2 weeks and i think i will harvest in about 6 weeks.


I have only now got specialised bloom nutrients, i bought bio-bloom and bio-grow from biobizz but i am confused how much to use.


Here is the instructions and amounts: http://www.hydrogarden.com/content/images/blog/23/12/main/Biobizz%20Grow%20Chart.pdf


Now, i only water the plant roughly every 2-3 days atm, i am confused how much of this stuff to add, it says how much to add per liter, but how much water does it know im giving my plant?


It says to add every day, but it doesnt know how often i water?


Can someone help me out with the basics here? Should i be watering daily? How much should i be watering? and how much of this should i be adding?


Sorry if this is dumb questions but ive googled answers for hours and have given up and got frustrated because i feel im losing yield taking too long to figure this out...



any help would be MUCH appreciated.

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It's all good mate

they assume lots of stuff 


main Q for you is , how much water dose it take to wet all the soil in your pot top to bottom ?


bio-bizz know that what ever liters you feed your plant if you mix what ever milliliters they say on the chart , your good , with there soil  

so doesn't matter how many liters as long as the ratio is 3ml or 2ml per liter


there saying you can use this much per day there not saying you have to use this much per day

& if your pot was dry & the end of each day then you would feed each day , if not , you don't


Am i helping you or just patronizing you , sorry if it's the latter 


also 6 U S gallon ( 23lt ) seems small for such i big plant

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Time to buy a watering can. Fill it. Usually 9l. Use the 9l for your ratios. Water til you have runoff. And that's how much water u use. Personally all my nute ratio are based on 9l can. Then I just poor it all into the soil. Sure I get a bit of overflow, but I don't mind the bit of waste.


Water when your dirt is dry. I personally wait for visual signs to water which is a slight weep in the leaves.


I too have a Big Bang going (was a freebie) but it's half your size and in a pot a lot smaller. Hope you have some but support ready as I've read she can have some monster buds.


Would love to see some pics. Good luck on your nuting.

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 I personally wait for visual signs to water which is a slight weep in the leaves.


I think you might be pushing the envelope slightly , pots dry from outside inward 

so if your leaving until then to water the outside roots have been dry for some time before 

the root ball starts to dry & show signs,

& of cause as your cautious mind knows watering to early would be worse( cause more probs ) than watering late

it's a very fine line 


Have you ever pulled the root ball out after harvest & noticed the roots on the outside were off white to light brown or brown

that's generally from lack of water, assuming the plant had no probs during the whole grow


also keep in mind a plant under attack from a bug or what ever needs the energy

to fight it off or to call in the troops , other bugs soil microbes ect  this is outdoor organic i'm talkin 


not trying to tell you to suck eggs here mate , if it works for you then keep doing it & as we know its a fine line, success or disaster 

this is just my thinking man

All the best

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Has worked for many many years. No problems. That said its the slightest of weeps. Probably unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Not the "Jesus man that needs water" weep. As you probably understand a good grower gets to know his plants off visual cues. But thanks for your concerns and probably a good caveat I should have made for the more novice growers.
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sweet MrCompletion 

I could spend hours just looking at them 

at first your just looking at them 

after a while you start to see stuff 


like you mentioned your eye for watering 

prob no one around you gets that most likely


I can pick a rolled leaf , you know , the one with a bug wrap in it ,

from 50 meters i reckon , ahhh only joking  , it's more like 45 meters , lol



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alot of people who top water there pots with well grown plants seem to think they have great drainage (soil/coco) after watering and u see all the water run out of the bottom of the pot this usually means your medium has locked out water u should ideally water around 30% thru the top of the pot and water 70% thru the bottom of the pot using a saucer or spill tray


for instance on your next watering water thru the top of the pot only measuring how much water u pour in and measure what runs out the bottom than wait untill your next watering and pour your water into the saucer instead of top watering, you'll notice the roots will keep assorbing the water in the saucer and drink a lot more water than u pour in the top of the pot


now u said u are in week 2 of flower if u look at that chart it shows "flowering phase" "week 3" being week 1 of flower and "week 4" being week 2 of flower which your in now it says 2mls per litre of water


for a 6 gallon pot or 27 litres pot you'd ideally water around 25% of your pots medium size in litres u ideally need to water 6.75 litres of nutrient but u may need to adjust this a little more as u have a over grown plant for your pot size unless its a fabric pot?


(right now) 6.75 litre of water u mix in 13.5mls of nutrient solution


for week 3 of flower u mix 6.75 litres of water with 13.5mls of nutrient solution


for week 4 and 5 of flower u mix 6.75 litres of water with 20mls of nutrient solution


for week 6 of flower u mix 6.75 litres of water with 27mls of nutrient solution


from week 6 you ideally continue to feed 6.75 litres of water with 27mls of nutrient untill your ready to flush than harvest


hope this helps

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