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What to blaze Oil with?


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Okay, so Im making some BHO this season. Having never smoked BHO I was looking for some advice on best ways to blaze it? Ive looked around the ozbongs site at nails etc but to tell the truth I wouldn't have a clue how to use any of that stuff. But Im always happy to learn. Any help greatly appreciated, even some links to the good stuff. Cheers.

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There are 2 main ways that i've smoked oil, both sorta the reverse of each other.


First one is you use a hot nail / fresh soldering iron tip to dab some oil on a little dish surrounded by a small glass bowl.


or the other way around, the small plate is heated up first and then you use a paperclip or small bit of metal to dab the oil onto the hotplate.


both of these are usually attached to your bong piece.

you can also get certain attachments for vaporisers too or roll a big fat scoob and dab a line of oil down the center.

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When I used to smoke I would put a dab on a cig paper and spread it over the paper, then use as little as I could to make it burn of the heads I made the oil from and roll a skinny spliff the oil spreads everywhere as you drag on the joint, best taste and best effect in my opinion.



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