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Thoughts please on yield

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So after pulling out all the males, I'm left with one Indica female approx 1.5m highpost-47564-0-37119000-1423126401_thumb.jpg

What sort of yield could I expect from this? Am giving it potash nutes fortnightly.

Also have two 6 inch grown from Bonza seeds. Looks like they are autos (didn't ask for autos)


Don't exp I'll get anything off the Bonza plants.

4oz will last me a year. Any chance in hell I'll get that this year?


Also, seeing as I have been sent autos instead of feminised seeds, when is the best time to plant them so that they grow and produce? Never had autos before.


As usual, thanks in advance for the feedback.

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Hey cantgrow

Unlucky with all the males matey, but at least you got one girl. :)

Grown well and that tall, you should easily get get 3 to 4 oz from an indica. :good:

Shame about the bonza beans, hope they come good, are they getting full sun? Some strains can easily turn to flowering with only a slight drop in daylight hours. They may not be autos!?

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