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Hemp Seed Rejection Infuriating

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Police concerns continue to impose the ban on the consumption of hemp seed foods.

Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) have repeatedly approved an application to allow consumption of Australian grown hemp seed. Australian Health Ministers (the FORUM) met in New Zealand last week and again voted to reject the FSANZ Approval Notice.

On this occasion though, reasons for objections were gathered from unsubstantiated comments made by Police to State Government submissions. FSANZ have repeatedly approved applications to allow consumption of Australian grown hemp seed.

NSW licensed hemp grower and HEMP Party Secretary Andrew Kavasilas said, “It has become increasingly obvious that Australian Police have acted administratively to override Food and Health officials and maintain this Australian only ban. While the rest of the world allow hemp seed foods, Australian Police continue to argue that if hemp foods are approved, it may interfere with saliva drug testing.”

Mr Kavasilas added. “NSW Premiers Department, FSANZ and a Tasmanian Parliamentary Inquiry thoroughly investigated Police concerns finding that Police could not substantiate their comments. It was also found that Australia is the only country to use random roadside saliva testing. Reports have concluded the devices are unreliable and could not be recommended, it was also discovered that confirmatory analysis used by Australian Police are below Australian Standards.”

“For thousands of years people have consumed hemp seeds and used Cannabis for medical purposes. During the 1930’s, United Nations drug laws were agreed to with specific articles exempting the use of Cannabis for seed, fibre, medical and scientific purposes.”

“It’s about time there was some kind of judicial inquiry on these Cannabis issues. Citizens needs to know what sort of obstructions are holding up progress, or if there is administrative corruption. If police are prepared to go to such extraordinary lengths to block hemp foods and good nutrition, we certainly don’t want Police input or comments which could very well stifle rational debate on the use of Cannabis for medical and scientific purposes.”

“In reality, the hemp seed food ban has only been hurting Australian farmers who are specifically prohibited from allowing locally produced grain to enter the food supply. Whereas hemp seed importers and retailers have been advised by authorities that no action or investigation will be conducted against them until a decision is reached.”

HEMP Party President, Michael Balderstone says he is hearing it every day. “People are increasingly coming to Nimbin in search of alternative answers and the word is out there about the Cannabis plant. They are fearful of conventional treatments and they want access to the whole plant for medicine, as well as to prevent illness,” he said.

Andrew Kavasilas, HEMP Party.

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